Some Interesting Questions Answered

After yesterday’s post, I received a number of interesting questions, and I’ll answer a few of them in this one.

Several questions revolved around “Does this work?” and more specifically, “Will this work for me in my circumstances?

Manifesting is something that every human being can do.  

Doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70.

Doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

Doesn’t matter if you’re healthy or not.

Manifesting works.

As far as the question about how it works, that’s what the e-course is intended to answer.

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A few questions indicated a series of past failures at manifesting, and asked if this course will help in this situation.

Yes, it will.

This 30-day ecourse is designed to guide you through a gradual process that will work no matter what your past history has been.

There are just too many folks who need this not to address it right from the start.

It’s a position I’ve been in before, so it’s something I really know how to work around.

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30 Days to Divine Power

One of the more interesting questions asked if this course sidesteps any lessons we’re supposed to learn along the way.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if anyone can really answer that question, but my belief is that the primary lesson we’re supposed to learn is how to manifest.

Once you learn how to manifest whatever you may need or want, it’s easy to be kind, loving, and generous.  It’s easy to help those less fortunate when you know that it doesn’t take anything away from you to do it.

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30 Days to Divine Power

And this leads to what may have been the most interesting question I received.

“Is it okay if I don’t pay anything even if I did get value out of it?”

I LOVE this question!

Here’s my answer:

Essentially, I see only 3 reasons why you might ask this question.

The first reason, and a great one, BTW, is that you’re hoping that I’ll reveal more insight into a prosperity mindset.

How invested am I that every person who takes the course and gets value out of it, follow through and pay me for it?

The answer to that question is that I approach these things with a “Divine Detachment”, knowing that my prosperity will come to me regardless of what any one person does. 

I know there is essentially an unlimited supply of money, because there is no limit to how many times the same dollar can be spent, therefore, I can receive and spend the same dollar millions of times over.

Doing this with thousands of dollars results in an almost infinite income.

The second reason why you might ask this question is because you believe that even after the course, your prosperity may not be enough to afford to make a reasonable payment.

If this were to happen, then I would say you didn’t get any value out of the course, and therefore, there would be no reason for you to pay anything.

The purpose of the ecourse is to help you shift your beliefs to see the unlimited money supply for what it is, and to master the skills necessary for you to put yourself into that unlimited flow.

And this gets to the third reason you might ask such a question, which as I describe it, would be an interest in depriving others of what they justly deserve.

If this is your motivation, you’ll find that it will be close to impossible to manifest financial abundance for yourself, because Life reflects these things.

It’s called karma, which can be described as “what you do for/to others is what you get from Life.”

So, you see, whether you pay me or not for the course is up to you.  It’s your life, and you can live it however you wish.

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