No Downside. Unlimited Upside. Can’t Lose.

Have you ever wished that those who teach manifesting would give you a way to test out their ideas BEFORE you buy one of their courses?

I’ve had quite a number of folks over the years ask me if they could use my products and then pay me later when they got the results they wanted.

Most of the time, I tell them that they’ll only get results if they are fully committed to the process, and buying a course or other set of materials is a good way to commit themselves to the process.

Then there’s all the free guidance I give in my email series, which is more than enough to get a good start on manifesting whatever you desire.

One of the ideas that came to me during a recent meditation was a plan to create a 30-day e-course that would serve as a perfect answer to this request.

You get the exact same step-by-step guidance I would give to any of my regular customers, with the added bonus of trying before you buy.

Even better, you get to decide what the material is worth to you.

If you felt it wasn’t worth anything, you don’t pay for it.  If you felt it was worth $5 or $50, you can pay only that amount.

And if you feel it’s worth more like $500, I’m okay with that too.  😉

I can’t think of anything more fair than that.

Can you?

If you’re ready to get started, all you have to do is click this link:

If you need more information, keep reading.

So, what does this e-course cover?

Briefly, it’s a step-by-step daily program that guides you through the process of discovering your Divine Self, making contact with it, and turning on the flow of Divine Power to turn your entire life into a continuous series of blessings.

The whole thing can be done in as little as 5 to 10 minutes per day, although I’ll be completely honest and say that the more time you can invest in this program, the better.

In other words, you’ll see SOME results with only 10 minutes per day, but you’ll see a lot more with 20 minutes per day invested.

An added bonus is that the time can be broken up into several 5-minute sessions spread throughout your day.

5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes at lunch, 5 minutes at dinner, and 5 before bed.

You’ll be surprised at how much good this will do.

This ecourse is based on my 35+ years of working with manifesting techniques, including the recent 3-month refresher I just went through.

In other words, you’re getting my absolute BEST.

You’ll learn how I’ve been able to manifest specific items that were given to me as gifts, as well as how I channel “can’t fail” business plans.

You’ll also learn exactly how I am able to decide (and usually GET) a specific blend of weather for a particular day.

For instance, when I’m hired to photograph outdoor weddings, I’ll usually ask for warm (not hot) dry weather with a thin layer of clouds to soften the shadows and make everyone look their best!

And even better, you’ll learn how to create a pattern of “good luck” where things just seem to go your way even when you’re NOT influencing them.

You won’t have to buy any tools or ‘ingredients’ like candles, incense, oils, crystals, robes, etc.

In fact, your only investment during the e-course will be your time.

And at the end, when you’ve had a chance to go through everything and test it out for yourself, you’re free to make any level of donation you feel is appropriate for the value you received.

No downside, unlimited upside.  Can’t lose.

Frankly, I don’t see any reason not to register.

Hope to see your name on the roster!

Wishing you the best of all good things.