How to Get Faster, More Consistent Results

Lots of questions coming in, so we’ll have another Q&A day here.

One of the biggest questions that keeps popping up is how do you make your manifestation efforts more consistent.

Some folks have mentioned they get great results with small things, but are still having trouble with the more important goals on their list.

Both of these lead to the same answer.

It’s not an easy answer to hear, though.

Think of it like this.

Anybody can pick up a camera and take photos.

And even a beginner can occasionally take a really good photo.

But it takes a professional to get great photos on a consistent basis.

This is because the professional has taken the time to study things like focal lengths, apertures, depth of field, rule of thirds, leading lines, and lighting.

With extensive experience, the professional is able to get better results more often than someone who just picked up a camera yesterday.

And it’s more than just KNOWING all this stuff.

It’s also about getting EXPERIENCE and PRACTICE doing it.

I can tell you that as a professional photographer, I’ll NEVER try to use a new piece of equipment or a new technique on a paying job.

I’ll always set aside some time to practice with it first in a situation where it doesn’t matter what kind of results I get.

With manifesting, it can be described as a simple process of relaxing, imagining what you want, and then trusting the process will work.

Much like photography can be described as point the camera at what you want to photograph and press the shutter button.

But when you really get down into it, there’s more to it than that.

  • HOW do you relax?
  • How DEEPLY do you need to relax?
  • HOW do you imagine what you want?
  • How much DETAIL do you need?
  • What SPECIFICALLY should you imagine?
  • HOW should you imagine your desires?
  • Is there a PHYSICAL component to manifesting?
  • In what ORDER should you work on your desires?
  • HOW do you trust the process?
  • Can you HELP the process along?
  • WHAT do you do if it doesn’t happen fast enough?

These are the questions I’ve tried to answer over the past 15 years in my books, courses, and audio programs.

They are the questions I do my best to answer in the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course.

This new e-course is also intended to give you time to practice each of the necessary skills to help you move from amateur to professional in your manifestation skills.

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30 Days to Divine Power

Okay, now that we’ve answered that question, I want to address something else I’ve noticed.

After watching the response rates to the various emails I’ve sent out over the years, I can say that the number one priority for most people is speed.

How QUICKLY they can get results.

I understand this, and I do my best to cater to this desire.

It’s one of the biggest reasons for creating a 30-day e-course on manifesting.

And yet, it appears there are LOTS of folks who haven’t yet signed up for it.

At this point, only about 10% of my subscribers have signed up.

Considering that it’s a “pay what you want” deal, where you get to decide what you’re willing to pay for it after you’ve taken the course, something doesn’t seem right here.

Now, this COULD mean that the vast majority of my subscribers are already getting the type of results they want from their manifesting efforts.

If so, then everything’s good and it’s time to start advertising this to the world.

But I’m still seeing a larger percentage of folks opening and reading the emails about getting faster results.

So, that doesn’t seem to be the right answer.

At this point, my best guess is that most folks think that 30 days is too long a time period to master the manifestation process.

They are probably looking for a faster way.

I know a lot of folks are coming into this with a history of failed attempts, and that doesn’t get corrected in a day or a weekend.

At least not with a program designed for a general audience.

The only faster way would be to work with you 1-on-1 in a coaching program to find your specific weak points and address them directly.

If you’re interested, let me know. My coaching rates are $100 per hour.

We can set an appointment for a phone meeting, I’ll send you a PayPal link for the first hour, and when you make that payment I’ll put you on my schedule.

Well, that’s enough for one blog post.

If you need help to improve your manifestation results, I’ve given you a few choices.

If you need the fastest possible results, you can hire me as a personal coach.

If you’re not yet in a position to afford that, and need the lowest cost option in the meantime, there’s the new 30-day e-course.

And if you’re somewhere in the middle, check out the Symbolic Solutions 2.0 program on the website.

Whichever direction you go, know that I’m doing the best I can for you.