When You Don’t Really Know What You Want

Those who have been following my recent posts know that I’ve started working on a new manifestation for greater wealth.

Partly to see what will happen when I approach it as if I “really needed” it.

In other words, in the imagination portion of the process (relax, imagine, trust), I’m expressing an intense feeling of gratitude and joy, as if the increased wealth really made a dramatic difference in my life.

When you’re comfortable and happy with your life, this isn’t as easy as you might imagine.

It’s been an interesting experiment, to say the least.

One of the insights I’d like to share with you relates to the fact that for the first day or two, I really didn’t have a specific idea of what that level of wealth would look like.

Have you ever felt that something was missing, but you just couldn’t put your finger on exactly what would complete your life’s picture?

If so, then this might give you a way to move forward, even without a specific goal in mind.

When you don’t have a specific thing you want to manifest, the thing to focus on is the FEELING you want to experience.

In the case of wealth, or at least the level of wealth I’m working towards now, the feeling may best be described as an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy.

Now, I want to be very clear about the level of feeling I’m talking about here.

I’m not talking about a feeling of “Oh, isn’t that nice”, but more like “Oh my GOD! This is the most amazing thing EVER!!”

From a neurological standpoint, the stronger the feeling, the more deeply the thought-image will be engraved into your memory, and the stronger the belief created from it.

And it’s the belief that makes things happen.

The strong feeling is used to help create the belief, not to “send out a pulse of energy” as many people believe.

This is as good a place as any to bring up a related point.

When I’m doing this, I’m not analyzing the process.

I’m not visualizing the energy being created, going out into the world, and affecting things outside myself.

If I were to analyze the process, or wonder how it might work, I’d be diffusing my efforts.

And the way I’m approaching this project, if I were to diffuse my efforts, I wouldn’t be doing the absolute best I could.

And if I REALLY NEEDED the manifestation, that wouldn’t be good enough.

When you NEED a result, you NEED to put yourself 100% into the process.

You can’t hold anything back.

Not one iota of energy.

Consider it as all or nothing.

Even when the only thing you know you want is a feeling of joy and gratitude.

Tomorrow, I’m going to explain one of the most important aspects of manifestation.

In the meantime, if you want to get a head start on developing the skills you need to manifest at the highest level, grab a copy of my Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package now.