Fundamental Beliefs for Manifesting

In yesterday’s post, I described the process I’m using now to manifest greater financial abundance.

In today’s post, I’d like to start sharing some insights I’ve gained from using this process.

The first thing to mention is that there are a few beliefs which form a foundation upon which the structure of this process is based.

Beliefs such as:

  • I have access to Divine Power, and can use it to create my own reality.
  • The more I resonate with wealth, the more wealth comes into my experience
  • The things I affirm to be true will BECOME true.
  • The past doesn’t matter.  I’m creating a new reality now.
  • If I need to do anything for this manifestation to happen, I will be led to do the right things at the right times.

Our beliefs shape our reality, and when you want to change your reality, you have to start by changing your beliefs.

Otherwise, your efforts will be wasted, or at least, much less effective than they could be.

And the process I’m using now — relaxing deeply, imagining the things I want to manifest, and trusting the process — is the quickest way I know to change beliefs.

The beautiful thing about this process is that you can use it to establish and strengthen the beliefs which make it work.

For example, if you currently believe that there’s nothing you can do mentally that would have any effect on the physical world, you can actually use this process to change that belief so you gain access to a whole new world of Power.

When I first started with all this more than 30 years ago, that was the belief that held me back more than anything.

Or you could use this process to shift your beliefs so the idea of “resonating” with wealth makes more sense.

And it’s perfect for helping you believe in the reality and reliability of intuition.

There are many different methods for changing beliefs, including affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, EFT, and so on.

In fact, if you know how all this works, it’s easy to see that ANY system for manifesting is merely a method for changing beliefs.

Here’s a great example.  Ceremonial Magick.

In ceremonial magick, the magician seeks to control the forces of the universe through the use of symbols, incantations, and ritual.

The underlying belief is that in doing so, the magician is altering primordial forces and/or gaining aid from spiritual beings.

When it’s all said and done, however, the results are exactly the same as one might get from a different system, and all the ritual elements are there merely to help the magician reach a point of acceptance that “things will now be different.”

The same is true when using tools, such as crystals, oils, incense, or pyramid shapes.

While those selling the tools will tell you they have a definite power all their own, the reality is that the only power is in how they help you shift your own beliefs.

If you believe that burning a particular incense will draw money into your life, your belief makes it happen.

There are just too many cases where one person claimed that an item was something it wasn’t, and the “patient” was healed just the same as if it were real, thus proving that it’s our beliefs which produce the results we get.

The primary reason why a person would get different results from one system than from another is simply because they believe in one system more than the other.

That’s why I use the process I do, because I believe in it.

The bottom line is this: do you get the results you want from the process you use?

If not, try something else.  And approach the new thing with full expectancy of positive results.

Again, I do my best to keep my own beliefs out of what I teach, because what works best for me may not work for you.

But the principles will ALWAYS work.

My job is to help you understand the principles so you can use your own process to get whatever results you want to manifest.

Anyone who teaches you WHAT to do without explaining the WHY is doing you a disservice.

You need to understand the WHY, so you can customize it to your unique requirements.

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