Introducing Charles Burke

I’d like to take a moment and introduce a friend of mine who inspired me in several ways.

His name is Charles Burke, and he is perhaps best known for his book, Inside the Minds of Winners.

And yet, Charles himself is such an easy-going fellow, it’s clear he’s not the typical “success guru”.

His approach is one of doing the right things in the right way to reach your goals with a minimum of effort.

Which is an approach I love.

You can find a number of articles he’s written at:

I almost always find something in his articles that helps me see where I might be able to make a better choice in life.

His most recent article, posted today, echoes something I’ve said for years.

We have the ability to actually CHOOSE our beliefs, and anything holding you back can be altered so it pushes you forward instead.

One of my favorite articles was one that’s now available as a downloadable PDF file, called “And Tomorrow Save the World“.

You can find it, along with lots of other great material, on his Free Stuff page.

You should be able to find something there that will help you this week.

Wishing you the best of all good things.