The Trick to a Good Memory

Recently, I picked up a book I haven’t read in quite a long time, and I’m really enjoying it.  The book is called “Instant ESP” and was written by David St. Clair back in the 70’s.

There are a lot of similarities between this and my original Keys To Power – Step by Step course.

The basic concept of the book is that everything in the world is a form of energy, and your subconscious mind knows how to work with it.

When you want to get information through your psychic senses, you need to get your conscious mind out of the way to allow the energy to come through your subconscious mind.

Just like my original Keys To Power course, one of the first steps in activating your subconscious mind so it responds to your conscious commands is with memory exercises.

Whenever you need to remember a detail that’s not readily available to your conscious mind, take a moment to relax, ask your deeper mind for the information, and then remain open to whatever comes to mind.

Do you recognize the “relax, imagine, trust” process I keep talking about?

The same process can be used in reverse to make sure you remember important information.

Relax, imagine the information you need to remember in some unusual way, and then trust that it has been stored in your deeper mind.

In the memory lesson of the Keys To Power course, I wrote about a grocery list of 6 items, and to this day (13 years later) I still remember that list.

That’s because of how I imagined it.

Here’s what I mean.

First, the list.

Bread, milk, mayonnaise, steaks, paper cups, shampoo.

Now, the image I created.

I’m driving up to the grocery store, which looks like a huge loaf of bread.

It’s on fire, and the firemen are spraying it with milk instead of water.

The milk combines with the bread to make mayonnaise.

Crowds of people are watching and having a cookout, with steaks on the grill.

This is an alternate universe, so steaks are served in paper cups and shampoo is used as a sauce!


But it does make the whole thing memorable.

13 years and counting.

The trick to having a good memory is taking time to file the information into your deeper mind in a way that stands out from all the other information you have in there.