Quick and Easy Manifesting

I’m preparing to do another workshop on the Symbolic Solutions process, which will take place here in Grand Rapids on May 7th.

One thing that will be different about THIS workshop than the one in January is that this one will include information and exercises to develop the psychic abilities.

Since the Symbolic Solutions process is based on communicating with your deeper mind, we’re already tapping into the psychic realms anyway, so it’s a natural addition.

There’s a process in David St. Clair’s book, “Instant ESP“, that gives us a nifty way to make contact with the deeper mind any time you want.

It’s a lot quicker than the self-hypnotic process of going to your “Secret Place”, and can be done anywhere.

He calls it the “Cosmic Forces” formula.

Here’s how it works.

You stand up, with feet about shoulder-width apart, and arms at your side, not touching your body.

As you take a deep breath in, you say to yourself, “I bring the Cosmic Forces into my body,….”

At this point, you hold your breath as you finish the phrase, “… asking for strength, protection, and guidance.”


Repeat this 3 times, focusing on the meaning of what you’re saying.

David says that if you think of yourself as a radio tuning into the right frequency to pick up the “Cosmic Forces” wavelength, it’ll work better.

I think of it as relaxing into an alpha state.

Once you’ve made contact (and you should feel something), you can talk to the ‘Forces’ like you would anyone else.

Thank them for being there for you, and tell them what you want or need.  Don’t tell them how to make it happen, just tell them the end result you want and let them handle the details.

You can ask for anything you would feel comfortable asking a friend.

Help in your career, lovelife, health, anything.

In many respects, this can be called a prayer process, but in a less religious context.

When you’re done making your request, David recommends crossing your arms over your chest like an Egyptian mummy and saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This process works on a number of levels.

On the purely physical level, it helps you clarify what you want, which can give your subconscious mind a clear goal to work for.

On a belief-level, this process serves as a focal point and a “reason why” you can believe that something magical is about to happen.

And if there actually ARE Cosmic Forces to communicate with, this will help you recruit them to your cause.

I can tell you from my own experience, having a little ritual to catalyze my deeper mind definitely helps to produce tangible results.

Doesn’t matter if there’s any logical reason for the ritual, other than using it as a focal point.

And I’ve seen enough to know that there’s more going on than just the physical-level stuff.