Making Contact with your Psychic Self

Yesterday, I mentioned a book I recently pulled off my shelves.

Instant ESP” by David St. Clair.

It has been so impactual in my life, I’m going to cover some of it’s main points in the next few emails.

Knowing when someone is being truthful with you or not, and knowing which of several options is most likely to lead to success are both examples of how valuable psychic abilities can be.

When you’ve learned the key principles governing the way our minds work, it’s easy to see the correlations between systems.

For example, David St. Clair’s statement that everything is based on energy can also be interpreted as a belief-system, or a symbol.

In other words, it really doesn’t matter if his statement is true or not.

If we believe that everything is based on energy, then our experiences will reflect that belief.

And if we use the idea of energy as a symbol to communicate to our deeper mind what we want, then our deeper mind can fulfill our request in whatever way it can.

Another belief-symbol used in the book is one of a “little man” in your subconscious.

This taps into a belief that Max Freedom Long reported in his book, “The Secret Science Behind Miracles“.

In that book, Max reported that the Huna religion teaches that we all have 2 spirits within us, roughly corresponding to our conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Both books refer to a 3rd level of mind, which psychologists call the superconscious mind.

This 3rd level of mind is where we are connected to the rest of humanity, and possibly higher beings as well.

This 3rd level of mind is where ESP happens.

Everything I’ve read indicates that the only way you can access this 3rd level of mind is through your subconscious.

Your conscious mind can’t access it directly.

Which is why we need to spend time working with our subconscious mind BEFORE we can expect to get psychic impressions or manifest miracles.

In “Instant ESP“, David St. Clair describes a process he calls “Your Secret Place”.

It’s essentially a self-hypnosis process of going within and disconnecting from the outer world.

The more you do this, the clearer the channel between your conscious and subconscious minds.

Almost any guided meditation can help you make this connection, especially the ones I created for the Symbolic Solutions package.

Here’s the process David recommends.

First, get comfortable.

Once you’re ready, start by visualizing colors, starting with red, then moving through the rainbow with orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

It can help to remember something you saw of these colors, like a picture of Santa Clause or a bright red sports car.  A pumpkin, yellow tennis ball, green grass, blue sky, or violet/purple flowers.

Whatever helps you ‘see’ the colors.

Don’t worry if it takes you a while, the effort helps to make a stronger connection with your subconscious mind.

Once you’ve gone through the colors, imagine that you’re at the top of a staircase with 21 steps.

Imagine going down each step, counting from 21 down to 1, then stepping off the last step.

Next, imagine a doorway leading to a nature scene.

Notice the doorway, and the key that unlocks it. Remember the details, because they may be significant for you.

Open the door and step inside.

You’re there.

Enjoy the experience.  Feel free to make any changes to the landscape you may wish to make.

You can ask questions and get answers.

You can ask for help in your outer life.

Once you ask, go with whatever happens.

And when you’re done, reverse the process to come out.

Go up the 21 steps, then back through the colors from violet to blue to green to yellow to orange and red, at which point you’re done.

Practice with this process, and you’ll find that you’re more at peace with yourself and the world, and that it becomes easier to remember details and receive psychic impressions.