The Power of Open-Ended Statements

I’m currently working on a script for the next recording to be posted to the new test group member area.

A segment just came together, which is so incredibly powerful, I wanted to share it with everyone right away.

Here it is:

“If there are any additional beliefs that would make your life easier, you now find them sprouting up, taking root in the fertile soil of your mind, and becoming a permanent part of you. The entire landscape of your mind shifts and changes easily to accommodate that which is needed for you to experience life as your conscious self would like it to be.”

Over the holidays, I took some time to refresh my memory of hypnosis and one of the key ideas that came up over and over again was that your deeper mind knows what is needed to correct any problem, and only needs to be directed to solve the problem in a way that’s suitable for the conscious self.

Statements like the one above (which are used after you’ve reached a significant depth of relaxation, and thus a degree of freedom from the limitations of your conscious mind) help your inner mind to access Infinite Intelligence so you can grow in your own unique ways, independent of any specific statements made in other parts of the recording.

The script I’m working on will lead to 2 different recordings. One version is intended to be used while you’re sleeping, and could potentially eliminate the need to schedule time out of your day.

A few folks in our test group have already been playing the original recording while they slept, and while it wasn’t intended for this, and therefore isn’t ideal, it has produced some positive benefits for those using it this way.