A Manifestation Process that Works for Many Folks

Will today be a lucky one or an unlucky one for you.

Not only is it Friday the 13th, but there’s a full moon as well.

And for those of us on the Eastern side of the USA, the full moon peaked during the “witching hour” between midnight and 1:00am.

Of course, many in the scientific community will say that beliefs such as these are “silly superstitions” and should be ignored.

These are the same folks who refuse to believe in anything they can’t measure with a physical device, including all things spiritual.

Kind of silly in itself, if you ask me.  After all, they can’t measure love, hope, or happiness, and we all know that such things exist.

Science certainly has a place, but it’s not the ultimate source of truth about all things.  At least, not until they start taking non-physical realities seriously.

Sure, scientists have tried to experiment with spiritual practices, such as prayer. However, these experiments were never about HOW should one pray to get the best results.

In the studies I’ve read, the researchers always gave their subjects the option to follow their normal practices, and then averaged them all together in the final report.

And yet, they see the lackluster AVERAGE, and conclude that spiritual practices do not have any significant effect on the “real world”.

I have yet to read a scientific study (outside of my own experiments) which have tested different practices and processes against each other to determine which one(s) have the greatest effect.

This is the type of research I’ve done most of my life.

What has come out of this research is that the greatest effects come from a combination of 3 factors.

  1. Belief
  2. Willpower
  3. Imagination

Before all else, you have to BELIEVE that there is a spiritual power available, and that you can tap into it and direct it to produce tangible results.  If you don’t believe this, nothing else will work.

Next, you have to believe in whatever process you choose to use to direct spiritual power. The process can be anything, so there is incredible flexibility here.  When you understand that it’s your BELIEF that makes the process work, it’s easy to just have fun and go with it.

Willpower is required to hold your focus on what you want, and to CHOOSE TO BELIEVE that what you want will actually happen.  When your willpower is strong enough, all it takes is a simple decision. I call it, “setting an intention.”

(Of course, this also requires a belief that setting an intention will activate spiritual power, and manifest results without any further action on your part.)

And finally, you have to be able to imagine the end result.  Whether you want money, love, health, security, adventure, or whatever, you have to imagine yourself having it.

It also helps if you can imagine a process that manifests your desired outcome.

Here’s a process that works for many folks.

Start by relaxing your mind and body.

Next, imagine that you are a multi-dimensional being, with both a physical body and a spiritual body. Your spiritual body is connected to the Source of All Power.

You can imagine this connection like a water pipe. Open the valve on the pipe so you can take more spiritual power into yourself.

Now, start to breathe slowly and deeply. With each inhale, imagine more power flowing into your spiritual body. With each exhale, imagine that you are releasing tensions, frustrations, and limitations.

When you feel that you have collected as much power as you can, turn your focus to the end result you want to manifest.  Picture the people, places, and events that define the end result. Imagine them as you want them to be.

Now, start to direct the power you’ve collected into this “mental template” with the intention that the power will set up a vibration in the physical world that will alter events to produce this “future moment”.

You can direct this power with nothing more than your imagination, but you could also direct it with your hands, or with a “magic wand”, with the idea that the wand will amplify and intensify the power to make it more effective.

(BTW – I’ve found that any tangible item closely associated with the idea of magic helps to connect your imagined activities with the physical world around you.)

When you’ve put all the power you can into the “thoughtform”, it’s time to close it off and send it out into the Universe to manifest.

Again, you can do this in any way that suits you. A popular one is to imagine that you’ve created a “ball of energy” and that you are now putting a plug into the spot where the power was going into the ball.

To end the process, release the ball of energy. You can imagine the ball drifting away on the currents of time, or you can imagine it expanding out in all directions to touch the people and events that need to change to bring your vision to life.

You could also imagine that you are moving the ball of energy with a shaft of energy extending from your arm or from your “magic wand”.

This way, you can control where it goes.

At this point, it’s important to trust the process. This is another place where willpower is needed. Control your mind so you do not waste any time doubting what you’ve done.

If you find yourself worrying about whether it will work, remind yourself that spiritual power is real and that you have sent out your instructions to the Universe.

Also know that your focused efforts are far more powerful than the random thoughts that go through your mind.

In the original “Keys To Power – Step by Step” course, this was referred to as the “Law of Invocation”.

You have unlimited power within you. You just need to let it loose and trust it.