How do Your Spend YOUR 168 Hours Each Week?

Every week, we have 168 hours to invest in our lives. Once we take out 8 hours a day for sleep, 2 hours for meals, and an hour to clean up and get dressed each day, we still have 13 hours each day for other “non-survival” activities.

This leaves us with 91 hours each week for “living”.

Most folks work about 40 hours each week to support their current lifestyle, and this requires more than 40 hours once you add in drive time and breaks.

Figuring an additional 2 hours for each of 5 workdays, we are now left with 41 hours each week for “extras”.

What do you do with these extra hours?

Some folks invest these hours in their family and friends, building relationships that have non-monetary value.

We all need these social connections, so this is good.

Some folks invest these hours pursuing further education and training to qualify for a better job. This is also good.

Some folks invest these hours in a side-line business or a 2nd job to supplement their income. This can also be good.

Other folks spend these hours on inconsequential activities that produce no long-term benefit.

In other words, recreation.

We all need SOME recreation. So some of this is good.

And if you’re already living the life you want, then it’s perfectly acceptable to spend all your extra time in recreational activities.

But if you want more out of life, you will need to consider how you’re spending your time, and invest it accordingly.

Here’s to making 2014 one of the best years ever!

May you reach whatever goals you choose to set for yourself.