When Faced with an “I Can’t”, Look for the “I Can” Within

When faced with an “I can’t”, look for the “I can” within.

Many of us give up way too early because we feel we cannot do some aspect of what we want to do.

Just last week, I was looking at how I could set up a small photography studio in my house, and I caught myself thinking that I couldn’t use the available space because it was too small for a “proper” portrait studio.

Luckily, I saw what I was doing, and decided to turn myself around and ask, “What CAN I do with the available space?”

After sitting with the question for a few minutes, an idea came to me, and opened a whole new world of possibility.

The space I currently have is perfect for photographing small products for catalogs and advertising, on websites and in other media.

To be honest, I hadn’t considered this type of photography because I assumed that it required a more creative mind, as well as a host of expensive backgrounds, props, and so on.

In this case, I kept an open mind and did a little research into what is actually required for this type of photography.

It turns out that I have more than enough creativity for it, and there would be a very minimal investment in materials.

Of course, this is only one small example of what I’m referring to here. I could go on for hours and hours telling you about people who refused to stay blocked because they felt they couldn’t do one thing or another.

And there were other directions I could have gone with this, such as renting a commercial space for a larger studio, and finding a way to partner with other photographers to share the expenses. For now, I prefer to keep things simple.

The main point I want you to remember is that when you feel you cannot do a thing, start looking for what you CAN do.

You may be surprised to find you can do the very thing you thought you couldn’t, or at least do something similar.