Why a CEO makes 1000 Times More than Minimum Wage

In order to HAVE more, we must BE more.

Employees aren’t paid based on how hard they work. They’re paid based on how easy they are to replace.

The reason a CEO of a major corporation may make $10 million per year while a front-line employee may make only $10,000 is because there are at least 1000 times more people who can do the front-line job than there are people who can run a company as a CEO.

If someone wants to earn more, they must do whatever it takes to invest in their own education and training so they can qualify for a better job and better wages.

As a photographer, I’m doing this by taking time to watch educational videos on YouTube and CreativeLive.com, which help me improve my photography.

After watching these videos for DAYS and DAYS, my mind has absorbed some key points which help me recognize where my previous work was lacking. It’s so clear to me now!

Of course, I’ll invest more time to practice the new skills so I get better and better.

In the past, I also invested time and money to learn the basics of business, so I knew how to price my work and how to advertise my services.

Time, money, and effort. The only things we CAN invest to improve the conditions of our lives.

One reason why so many people get stuck in low-end jobs is because they don’t believe they can do anything else.

They may be perfectly capable of handling a job with more responsibility, but they lack the self-confidence, or self-esteem to actually go for it.

Or they may have issues with motivating themselves to put in the time and effort required to improve their job skills, so they hold back, silently cursing themselves for being weak.

Or they may be so disorganized they can’t seem to get anything done despite the fact they’re constantly working.

Others may have all this under control, yet lack confidence in relationships, and never make the connections required to be accepted in social circles.

One of the reasons I write the many articles, books, and courses I do is to help as many folks as possible to overcome these limitations so they can move forward and create the life of their dreams.

If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.