Month: June 2013

Power Tip: If You Don’t Like Something, Either Change it or Accept it

If you don’t like something, either change it or accept it. We are all co-creators with God, and therefore our “life’s purpose” is to learn how to mold our lives to our liking. If you are currently unable to change something, then the best thing to do is to simply accept it for what it is. This is the core idea behind the famous “serenty prayer” God grant me the serenity to accept the things

Power Tip: One Who Controls the Mind is More Powerful than One Who Controls only the Body

One who controls the mind is more powerful than one who controls only the body. As children, we spend the first few years of our life learning how to control our bodies. We learn to stand, to walk, and to run. Later in life, we learn to count, to do math, and to figure things out logically. Most of us have even learned to control our emotions, and to remain calm when everyone else is

Power Tip: If You Had Lived Their Life, You Would Probably Do The Same

If you had lived their life, you would probably do the same. Whenever someone does something that completely baffles you, remember that they are most likely responding to an old memory, or group of memories, that are very different from the ones you have. Timid people LEARNED to be timid. Bold risk takers LEARNED to be bold. Responsible people LEARNED the value of being responsible. And airheads never learned to be anything else. One of

Power Tip: People Do Things for Their Own Reasons

People do things for their own reasons. One of the most effective ways to approach the task of persuading another person is to realize that they simply do not care a bit about what YOU want. They only care about what THEY want. If you want someone to do something, then you must show them how doing it will give them more of what they want. And if you don’t know what they want, take

Power Tip: Every Situation and/or Person Can Teach You Something

Every situation and/or person can teach you something. Some folks are great examples of what you’d like to become. Others are wonderful examples of what you’d like to avoid. Beyond this, when you talk with people, you get a peek into Life from another perspective, and this can often reveal aspects of yourself that may not be readily apparent. Affirm: I can learn from anyone or anything.

Power Tip: Good Things Can Sometimes Come from Unpleasant Events

Good things can sometimes come from unpleasant events. Whether it’s losing a job, getting a divorce, or simply missing the bus for work, there is always a possibility of finding a better situation than the one you lost. Of course, not all unpleasant events lead to an immediate “upgrade” in life circumstances. Sometimes they serve to “train” you for a future “promotion”. The secret behind all of them is to consciously welcome the opportunity, and

Power Tip: Any Unsuccessful Attempt is Merely a Learning Experience

Any unsuccessful attempt is merely a learning experience. The most successful people in any endeavor choose to see setbacks as learning experiences rather than as failure. Not only does this help their self-esteem, but it also puts them into a productive mindset where they can analyze what didn’t work and make plans to improve their future results. Just remember Edison and the many experiments which successfully proved what didn’t work so he could find what

Power Tip: The First 15% of a Process is the Most Important

The first 15% of a process is the most important. Many successful people say that the first hour of the day is the most important time, as this is where they have an opportunity to set the tone for the entire day. Getting started on the right foot, so to speak, means that you don’t have to spend any time or effort trying to fix a problem than could have been avoided to begin with.

Power Tip: You Can Get More Done When You Work with a Proven System.

You can get more done when you work with a proven system. Proven systems enhance productivity in 2 major ways. First, in most cases, the system has already been fine-tuned to eliminate any wasted effort, and the increased efficiency means more of your effort goes directly to producing the results you want. Second, the more you use the same system to do a task, the less time you have to spend thinking about how to