Power Tip: You Have Unlimited Power Within You

You have unlimited Power within you.

Both religion and science support this in their own way.

Religion says that the Universe and everything in it was created by a Divine Being with infinite Power.

This Divine Being had only itself to use in creation, and therefore everything created (including you) contains a spark of the Divine.

Logically, if you take a small portion of an Infinite Being, divide it up billions of times over, each and every portion is still infinite.

This means you have INFINITE POWER within you.

Science supports this too, using different terms, such as the zero-point field, multi-dimensional realities, and quantum flux.

Essentially, science says that there is more power in a single cubic centimeter of space than you’d get by converting the entire known universe from matter to energy.

And there is MORE than that within you.

Yes, you have unlimited power within you.

What are you going to do with it?