Power Tip: A Pattern of Success Leads to Success

A pattern of success leads to success.

Most of us have heard the phrase: The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

There are 2 good reasons for this.

First, those who have attained financial success know what works and what doesn’t, and they know that in order to reach higher levels of success, they must focus on what works.

Pretty obvious, right?

The second good reason why the rich get richer is because they have the confidence to go after what they want.

If you have low self-confidence, try this.

Choose a small item from the space in front of you.

Set a goal of picking up that small item.

Now do it.

You’ve just succeeded at this one small thing.

Now set a new goal for something a little more difficult.

Do it.

Your pattern of success is growing.

Continue setting new goals, each only a little more difficult than the one before, and pretty soon you’ll have a pretty substantial “success streak” running.

Before long, you’ll have the confidence to tackle goals you would have never dreamed possible.