Month: May 2013

Power Tip: Excellence is Richly Rewarded

Excellence is richly rewarded. While there are millions of people in all walks of life struggling to get by, a small handful in any field rise to the top, win the awards, and earn the top incomes. The reason for this, in most cases, is because the ones at the top are better than everyone else at what they do. An average photographer may make $1,000 to do a wedding. A great photographer can make

Power Tip: A Mediocre Result Is 1000 Times Better than a Perfect Idea

A mediocre result is 1000 times better than a perfect idea. Can you imagine what our world would be like if Microsoft waited until they had a perfect product before releasing it? We’d probably still be waiting for MS-Office 1.0. Most of us can get some kind of positive results even with a flawed tool, and we’re happy to have something that helps even if it isn’t perfect. The same thing is true in personal

Power Tip: Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Turn lemons into lemonade. Successful business people learn that their success is tied to their ability to solve problems for people. McDonald’s solves the problem of needing to eat in a hurry. A 5-star restaurant solves the problem of wanting to eat in an upscale atmosphere. Insurance companies solve the problem of quickly recovering from accidents and natural disasters. Theaters and sports arenas solve the problem of boredom. Sooner or later, you eventually figure out

Power Tip: The Only Failure is the Failure to Try

The only failure is the failure to try. When Thomas Edison was trying to get an electric light bulb to work, a reporter once asked him, “Why do you continue to waste time in this endeavor after failing 10,000 times?” Edison’s reply demonstrates a key trait in all successful people. He said, “Sir, I have not failed at all. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that do not work, and each attempt brings me closer

Power Tip: Positive Results Come From Positive Action

Positive results come from taking positive action. Although the first step in manifesting anything is to choose to believe that it will manifest into your life, the process is not complete until you take positive action. If you wish to manifest prosperity, then you must take positive action to produce prosperity, either for yourself or for someone else. If you wish to manifest love and harmony, then you must take positive action to increase the

Power Tip: Trust the Guidance that Comes from Within

Trust the guidance that comes from within. There is a source of guidance within you that is never wrong. The more you learn to tune into this guidance and trust it, the more you find that it leads you unerringly to the manifestation of your deepest desires. If you are not yet familiar with this source of Divine Guidance within you, the best way to find it is to spend time in silence and contemplate

Power Tip: You Are Destined for Greatness

You are destined for greatness. The fact that you are reading this now proves that you are part of an elite group of individuals who are being prepared for a great purpose. As you move forward and take action to do your part to improve the world, you fulfill your life’s purpose. You have unlimited power within you, and you control that power with your beliefs and expectations. Since you know this, you are in

Power Tip: What You Expect, You Experience

What you expect, you experience. This is the core ‘secret’ behind all the teachings around the Law of Attraction and other manifestation methodologies. A very powerful miracle-worker once said it this way: According to your faith is it done to you. While there are many different techniques for using the Power of Belief / Law of Attraction, they all boil down to one thing — helping you expect something different. The problem most folks run

Power Tip: What Are You Worrying About?

I used to worry a lot. The more I worried, the worse everything got. Finally, I realized what I was doing to myself, and decided to try something different. I resolved to focus only on positive things for a week. Just 7 days. Nothing can go too far wrong in just 7 days. What happened was amazing. No, the clouds didn’t part with a thundering voice from the heavens to proclaim the ultimate truth of