The 3 Keys to Effective Prayer

Whether you follow a specific religion or not, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve faced a challenge so imposing, you’ve ventured a prayer, hoping that some Divine Being would hear it and help you.

The biggest problem with prayer is that few people get any results from it. In fact, many people have gotten so frustrated by their lack of results, they’ve simply stopped praying, and may have even given up hope.

And yet, there are 3 specific keys which ensure that every prayer you make will get the results you want.

The 3 keys to effective prayer are faith, focus, and a feeling of harmony with the Divine Essence of the Universe, an essence which many people call God.

The first key to effective prayer, faith, is perhaps the most important. Unless you believe that there is a Divine Essence of the Universe which answers prayers, and believe that your prayer will be heard and answered, your prayers will be powerless.

Faith is the Power which makes prayers work. If you think of the prayer process as making a call with a cell phone, faith is the strength of your battery.

The second key is focus. When you pray for something, you must be able to focus your mind on the end result you want, and not be distracted by the current challenge, or undesirable outcomes.

Praying with a confused mind leads to confused results.
In our cell phone analogy, having good focus is like making your call in a quiet room without distracting voices.

The 3rd key to effective prayer is a feeling of harmony with the Divine Essence of the Universe. This may best be described as a sense of connection, or a feeling of love.

You could think of this harmony as dialing the right number to make your call and send your prayer message.

To get the results you want from prayer, you must bring yourself into harmony with God, have faith that your prayer will be answered, and focus on the end result you want to experience.

When you can bring all 3 of these keys together, your prayers will be answered.