What Most LOA Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

The Law of Attraction, as commonly taught, says that you must resonate with the things you desire in order to attract them. This is true. If you wish to have harmonious relationships, you must resonate with the essence of harmony to attract them. If you desire to have abundant wealth, you must resonate with the essence of wealth to attract it.

However, here is where most LOA gurus “gloss over” the truth, and may actually hide the reality from you. It takes a lot more than saying a couple of affirmations, or holding a specific vision to alter your core essence to resonate with the things you want. Here’s why.

First of all, you must understand that the Law of Attraction works to attract what you BELIEVE, rather than what you THINK or FEEL. This is where the majority of LOA gurus are wrong. They teach that your THOUGHTS create your reality, and while they may just be using imprecise language, you and I both know that you can THINK something without really BELIEVING it.

To truly resonate with something, you must believe it to be true. And you can’t fake it. You have to believe in it’s REALITY, not just in it’s POSSIBILITY.

Further, as human beings, we are very complex creatures. Our minds especially. Within your mind, you have, AT MINIMUM, at least 100,000 different beliefs about various things. You have beliefs about yourself. You have beliefs about people in general. You have beliefs about the ultimate nature of reality. You have beliefs about the relationship between your mind and the world around you. You have beliefs about what it takes to have harmonious relationships or abundant wealth. You have beliefs about the Law of Attraction itself. And you have beliefs about your ability to use the LOA to get what you want.

All of these beliefs play a part in guiding the Law of Attraction to manifest events and conditions into your life. If any of them are weak, your ability to use the LOA to attract what you want will also be weak.

What this means, is that in order to truly use the Law of Attraction to attract new things, such as abundant wealth or harmonious relationships, you need to change what you believe about many different things. In many cases, you’ll need to change several hundred beliefs to support your desired reality.

And that takes work, which is why most LOA gurus don’t want you to know it.

They know that if you really understood how much work may be involved in using the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you wouldn’t be so willing to buy their books, purchase their audio programs, attend their seminars, or hire them as coaches.

And frankly, most of them are really in the business for the money, despite what they say publicly.

Oh sure, there are SOME people who may get great results by repeating a few affirmations, or doing visualization. And they make great case studies for the LOA gurus who want to hide the truth from you.

However, if you know how to question these folks about their beliefs, you find that the majority of their beliefs were already supporting them. They already had a history of getting the things they wanted, and only needed a nudge in the right direction for the specific desire they used the LOA to fulfill. Unfortunately, these folks happen to be a tiny minority. Most people require a lot more work before they see positive results.