A Lesson From Henry Ford

Most people give up on their dreams much too early. They try one or two things, and if those don’t produce the desired results, they figure that “it just wasn’t meant to be”, or that “it just doesn’t work they way ‘they’ say.”

The same is true with the Power of Belief. Most of the time, people give up on it far too early because one or two attempts don’t produce the desired results.

I’ve always been strong in persistence. Maybe too strong. Anyways, I didn’t get great results right off the bat, and kept going simply because I knew there were so many stories floating around, and it was a lot of smoke to be without a fire.

We have all the stories in the various religious texts describing miracles, and we have TONS of ghost stories about events that science says are impossible. And then there are all the stories we hear from everyday people like you and I.

With all these stories, my curiosity kept me going until I figured out what I was doing wrong and how to get solid, repeatable results from the Power of Belief.

In a way, it was a lot like the engineers at Ford Motor Company when Henry Ford was determined to have a V8 engine for his cars.

Science said it was impossible to build a V8 engine, and all the engineers in Ford’s staff knew it. As much as they respected Mr. Ford, they could not take his request to build a V8 engine seriously, since all the scientific evidence they had said it could not be done.

After a couple of years, Mr. Ford could no longer tolerate their stubborn refusal to build his V8 engine and laid down an ultimatum. They could either build a V8 engine, or find other employment.

They built a V8 engine.

When their backs were to the wall and they had no other choice, they allowed themselves to believe it was possible DESPITE the scientific evidence to the contrary. And their new beliefs led them to make new discoveries which, in turn, led to the creation of what they needed.

What are you refusing to create in your life because you’re holding on to outdated information?