How to Eliminate Stress and Turmoil From Your Life

I’ll share with you a simple process you can use to wipe away the turmoil and strife of modern living.

Each year, it seems the pace of life gets faster and faster, making it harder and harder to keep up. As a result, most people feel an ever-increasing level of stress.

Despite the fact that we know stress kills, we generally feel compelled to continue the treadmill of work, work, work.

Eliminating stress from our lives doesn’t mean we have to stop working, or even cut back on the amount of work we do. Obviously, if we COULD slow down the pace of work, work, work, we could eliminate much of our stress, however, it’s not required.

So, what is this magic formula for wiping away stress?

Let me give you a hint — what muscle in your body works continuously from the time you’re born to the time you die?

Your heart!

And how does the heart keep up the pace of working CONSTANTLY?

Simple — it takes regular breaks.

Your heart works hard for a split second, pumping blood through your arteries, and then it take a break for a split second. Over and over again, day after day, after day.

Work, break. Work, break. Work, break. Work, break.

Without the regular breaks, your heart wouldn’t last a week. But because it works SMART, it keeps going for years and years.

So how do you use the same process in YOUR work?

Well, you probably won’t follow the exact same pattern of working for a split second and then taking a break for a split second.

Since most of us take a very long break each day for sleeping (typically about 8 hours), we can get away with taking fewer breaks than our heart does.

How about 5 minutes out of every hour? Out of a normal 8-hour workday, that’s only 40 minutes.

At first, you may think, “I’m having trouble getting everything done as it is, I can’t take 40 minutes out of my day!”

Just give it a try. Give it a week and see what happens.

I’ll guarantee you that if you do this, you’ll actually get MORE work done, and feel better about doing it.

So what are you supposed to do during those 5 minutes?

The best approach is to what your heart does — totally shut down. Do absolutely nothing. In fact, if you could stop moving and stop thinking, that would be best.

Of course, it’s very difficult for most people to just shut down like this, especially during a workday. As an alternative, you could do a short meditation — focus on something peaceful and relaxing, like a vacation, or time with a loved one.

This has an added benefit of reminding you why you’re working in the first place. Plus, the positive emotions that come up when we think of enjoyable activities gives us extra energy, which means it will be easier to go back to work after your break.

As an extension to this concept, when you take a lunch break, get away from your work area and REALLY take a lunch break. Relax and enjoy your food. Once again, this will give you more energy so when you go back to work, you’ll do a much better job.