Why So Many People Fail with the Law of Attraction

The last few years have seen a resurgence of a very old concept, which many today are calling the Law of Attraction, but has also been known by a wide variety of other names.

The power of prayer The power of faith The magic of believing Creative visualization Mind power Magic / Magick (different spellings for the same thing)

Look at how popular The Secret became.

Sometimes it seems everywhere you look, someone is talking about how they used these ideas to change their life.

At the same time, there are many others who say they tried it and it didn’t work. In fact, many scientists will tell us that it’s all a hallucination and/or weak-minded thinking.

As you saw in my report, this isn’t the case.

So, how do we explain why so many people have tried using the power of belief and failed?

Partly because the role belief plays in the process has not been well described by those teaching “the Law of Attraction”.

Many of these teachers claim that belief is not a significant condition at all, but that all you have to do is THINK of what you want, and you’ll get it.

I can tell you from my own experience, you can THINK about what you want 24 hours a day for YEARS and not get it.

You have to BELIEVE you’ll get it.

So that’s part of the problem.

Another part of the problem is that very few people know HOW to believe something new. Right now, try to believe the sun is blue, or that you are a cat. You may be able to IMAGINE it, but I’m willing to bet you can’t BELIEVE it.

What many Law of Attraction teachers tell you to do is to visualize what you want, and affirm that what you want is now a current reality, and ignore the resistance inside your gut that says this just isn’t so.

They say that EVENTUALLY, something inside your mind will crack and you’ll start to see what you want manifested into your life.

After talking with many, many people who have actually succeeded with this process, they all say it took HOURS of visualizing and affirming before they started to see results, at least the first time. The more they practiced, the easier it got.

Once they saw results once, they started to believe in the process, which sped up the process the next time.

But do you really want to spend HOURS working to make something happen in your life?

I didn’t think so.

But here’s the worst part. If you try doing visualizations and affirmations with a very strong DIS-belief in the process, you can actually get the OPPOSITE of what you wanted!

So if you’re trying to manifest greater financial abundance, you could end up creating poverty instead. Not good at all.

I’m not trying to discredit the whole visualization/affirmation concept, but to point out that they work only when you BELIEVE they work.

Otherwise, it’s a crap shoot.

There’s one other reason why someone could work with the power of belief, actually get it right, and still fail.

It comes down to a concept I call the Belief Hierarchy.

You see, some beliefs are more powerful than others. And if you spend your time working to change a weak belief, you could still fail because a stronger belief is preventing your goal from manifesting.

So how do you prevent this?

Simple. Just work with the strongest beliefs first, and they’ll make the rest of the process that much easier.