Is There Any Hope?

With reports coming from all directions that our economy is steadily sinking, many are beginning to believe that we’re entering into something worse than a recession – a depression.

It’s very easy to get sucked into this type of thinking, especially if you expect recent trends to continue, and believe that reality is completely separate from you and doesn’t respond to your state of mind.

And yet, by getting caught up in mass fear, your consciousness gets conditioned to expect loss, lack, and limitation.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The first step out of the mess is to realize that your reality does not have to match the experiences of others around you. Just because everyone you know has lost money, jobs, and is struggling just to survive; you can have a completely different experience.

I know several folks who have been completely untouched by recent conditions in the global economy, including myself.  One of the core reasons for this is because we EXPECT to be unaffected by mass hysteria.  We KNOW that we create our own reality, and fully believe that everything can be perfectly calm even though others see only storms ahead.

One quote that I continually refer to comes from the Christian Bible.  It says “according to your faith is it done to you.”

Another quote from the same source says “anything is possible to one who believes.”

Both of these quotes tell us that if we want to live a more peaceful life, unaffected by the ups and downs of circumstances, all we have to do is BELIEVE in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

I’ve also seen enough scientific evidence supporting the idea that our beliefs create our reality to trust these ideas and maintain control over my thinking, rather than giving in to false concepts of lack and limitation.

As a result, believing in prosperity and abundance produces many wonderful experiences that prevent you from suffering any loss.

If everyone believed in abundant prosperity, there would be no way our economy could go into either a recession or depression. Both of these are simply labels referring to a period in which people spend less money than normal.

In truth, there’s nothing wrong with spending less than normal. Who says we have to spend, spend, spend all the time?  At some point, we have to sit back and enjoy the things we’ve already purchased, don’t we?

And yet, those who fear the future, take this as a sign that “the economy is down” and needs to be ‘fixed’.

If no-one feared the future, no-one would label a period of reduced spending as a problem.  And life would go on as normal.

Everything in life occurs in cycles.  No matter what happens on Wall Street, the world isn’t going to end.  And if the rest of the world wants to call their experience a depression, that’s okay.  It won’t change my experience, and it doesn’t have to change yours either.

All you have to do, is believe.