Day: July 12, 2008

Why Isn’t The Belief-Reality Connection Obvious?

The idea that we have the power to control every aspect of our lives simply by choosing what we believe is a very seductive concept.  However, this seems to fly in the face of common sense and traditional science.  And if it’s true, then why isn’t it obvious? That’s certainly a reasonable question to ask.  After all, over the course of time, we’ve discovered how to do many different things, including how to harness the

Using Hypnosis To Change Beliefs

Hypnosis is a process of changing beliefs where both client and practitioner understand what is happening.  Both know that the client’s mind has the power to create real and lasting change within the client’s body, and hypnosis is seen as a direct means of activating the mind’s power. Guiding the client into a hypnotic state is itself based on suggestion and belief.  If the client believes that staring at a bright light will cause him

The Origin of Religious Beliefs

According to some scientists, religions are a form of superstition.  But then again, some scientists believe that consciousness itself is an illusion and everything can be explained by interactions between chemicals and particles. On one level, religion may have developed in the same way superstitions developed.  Once you make the assumption that there is an invisible connection between one thing and another, it opens a whole new world of possibilities. After making enough such assumptions,

How Superstitions Get Started

Have you ever known someone to carry a rabbit’s foot believing it gave them “good luck”?  Maybe the foot wasn’t as lucky for the rabbit, but then again, how do we know?  Maybe that particular rabbit lived a long and hoppy (er, happy) life.  What about four-leaf clovers?  You won’t find too many of them in any given clover field, and their very rarity seems to give them a special significance.  Other beliefs can be