Can Placebos Cure Our Sick Society?

Everywhere you look, the news reports an increasing amount of violence in the world.  Countries continue to go to war, children bring knives and guns to school, and the courts are full of citizens suing each other over minor grievances.

Most of us agree that the world would be a better place if there wasn’t so much violence, yet what can we do?

Belief expert Alan Tutt tells us that our actions are firmly based on what we believe.  “Someone who believes in a bright future isn’t as likely to be violent, whereas someone who believes that ‘you have to fight to survive’ will be quickly moved to violence,” Alan says.

According to Alan, the power of our beliefs goes beyond affecting the decision we make and the actions which follow.  “There is substantial scientific evidence that the world around us reflects the sum total of our beliefs.  If we believe in violence, then we will see more of it.  On the other hand, if we believe that the world is becoming more harmonious and peaceful, world peace grows that much closer.”

Placebos are commonly known to have a healing effect, especially in the treatment of pain, allergies, depression, and warts.  While the reason remains unclear, the effectiveness of a placebo is proportional to the degree of faith the patient has in it.  This connection with the power of faith suggests a larger framework in which the placebo effect may be utilized.

Alan Tutt’s fourth book, Choose To Believe, explores the science behind the placebo effect and the power of faith.  “Mystics and religious leaders have told us for thousands of years that if we have enough faith, anything is possible,” says Alan.

Choose To Believe offers a way for individuals to change their own beliefs, and also offers political leaders and other celebrities a way to influence a wide audience.  Through a conscious use of the power of belief, we may have the solution for our ailing society.

Choose To Believe (paperback, 256 pages, $17.95) is published by PowerKeys Publishing and available at