Would you like to be God?

A common fantasy is to have the Powers and Knowledge of God, yet retain one’s individuality.  To be capable of knowing everything and doing anything.  What possibilities!

Yet there are many who feel that this is extremely egotistical and megalomaniacal.  How dare you think that you could be God!  That’s not your place.  Why should you have special abilities that the rest of us do not!

And then there are those who’s response is: “I wouldn’t want the responsibilities.”  To be God means to have to take care of everything in existence, to make sure that things run smoothly and come out the right way.

Where do you fit into this debate?  Does any of these positions hold more weight than the others?  Is it possible that more than one of these positions could co-exist with each other?

There is an interesting theory that I came up with many years ago which seems to explain a lot of things.  I was trying to find the Power behind various religions and systems of magick.  Christians believed that Jehovah was God and that He answered prayers according to His Plan.  The Biblical Christ seemed to teach that anyone with Faith could get anything that was asked for as long as the person Believed.  (Notice that Christ did not say you had to believe in Him or in God, simply that you had to believe that you would get what you asked for.  If you care to read the New Testament, and actually read the words on the page, you will see that critical distinction.)  The Magick-workers felt that the Power was as natural as electricity and just as available to anyone who cared to learn it’s secrets.  Wiccans and other Pagans believed that there are many Gods, and that each will answer prayers or not according to their moods and purposes.

In all of the various teachings, there seemed to be only one connecting thread.  Faith.  Belief.  Believe that this thing you’re doing will accomplish the thing you want, and it will be done for you.  Whether the thing you do is prayer to a higher being, or speaking strange words while performing ritualistic rites, or simply repeating to yourself an affirmation of the thing you want as being true.  As long as you believe in what you’re doing, it will work.

When I finally discovered this commonality, my next question was “What do I believe will work?”  I had studied so much, so many different things, and had read success stories in each one.  And if it didn’t matter what I did, then what could I do that I would believe in?  I have since found that it is just as easy to make a decision to have a certain result, and the result will come about, without any action being performed.  This doesn’t happen often, as my mind makes many decisions, and not all of them produce results (Thankfully!)

Over the years, I developed a system that worked well for me.  I even shared it with several of my close friends and the system worked for them as well.  The system is simple, with support from logic, and ties to many religious beliefs.  This system is more than a collection of techniques to create change, such as a magickal system would be, yet it does not impose a dogma of beliefs such as a religion.  This system is built upon a small set of core beliefs upon which a large system of philosophy resides, which in turn supports several techniques for effecting change.  This system is called the Keys To Power.

The central beliefs of the Keys To Power are simple.  There are only 5.  They are:

  1. Bringing yourself into alignment with Power (or God, or Spirit) gives you access to more Power.
  2. Power is directed into use by your thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative.
  3. If you don’t like something, use Power to create what you do like.  Blame is useless.
  4. There is no good or evil, only desirable or not.
  5. Living with Love makes Life wonderful!

In the process of creating this system, I explored many theories about Power and God.  The one basic theory which seems to hold everything together is this:  Everything is connected, there is only One Being, of which we are all a part.  And if this One Being has Infinite Power, then each one of us has access to this Power.  And if there is only One Being, then I am no different from the next person who is no different from you who is no different from God!  At least at some level, that is.

But at what level?  Here is that interesting theory I came up with.  Mind you, it’s only a theory and I do not claim that it is reality.  Consider this.  How do we know that our reality has any existence outside of the Mind of God?  What if you, I, and everything we experience in Life is only a daydream.  If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Matrix’, then you have some idea of what I’m talking about.  Or what if the substance of our reality does exists, but God is playing all of the parts?  Much like a computer game where the computer plays many characters.  First the computer plays the game as one character, then another, then another,  switching between all of them so fast that you, the human player see everything happening simultaneously.  Maybe God is playing all the parts in this grand play of Life.  At one moment, God is me, then you, then your boss, then my lover, then someone else, and on and on until God is playing the part of my character again.  Maybe God is switching between all of us so fast that we perceive it all to be one continuous flow.

Or there could be this variation.  If time is simply another dimension which can be traveled, and on a higher level, all time co-exists, then God could move into the Creation and play one part all the way through.  Then go back in and play another part all the way through.  Then another and another until all the parts have been played.  And since God is playing multiple characters in this play, and the characters exists simultaneously in time, then each one of us is God pretending to be human!

As I said, this is only a theory, but how can we prove or disprove it?  It’s true that we don’t feel like God, but that may simply be the act that God is putting on while playing our part.  Human actors in a play do not portray their characters as themselves.  They portray the characters as those characters will be known.  Until we are capable of transcending our level of reality and learn to see beyond our limiting dimensions we will never really know the truth.  Maybe we really are God and we just don’t know it.