Power Breathing

How would you like a technique that will increase your mental and physical performance?  With the technique I am about to share with you, you will be able to clear your mind, increase your intelligence, restore your energy, and increase your physical strength.  This is also a technique that you can use any time, anywhere you happen to be, without drawing attention to yourself.

I’m talking about ‘Power Breathing’.  The fundamental concept behind Power Breathing is very old, so it’s possible that you’ve seen a variation of it in other places.  One thing that I’ve found is that some descriptions of the process are so vague or misleading that you end up doing it wrong and get none of the benefits that Power Breathing can give you.

In Power Breathing, you hold an image in your mind while breathing slightly different from normal.  Let’s cover the mechanics of Power Breathing first, since that is the simplest component of the technique.  In normal breathing, you usually use only about 1/3 of the capacity of your lungs.  During exercise or other physical exertion, you will use more of your lung capacity, but you breath faster to get more oxygen to your muscles.  In Power Breathing, you want to breath deeply, but slowly.

One way to control the tempo is to count.  Breath in for a count of 5, then hold it for a count of 3.  Breath out for a count of 7, then hold it for a count of 3.  When holding, don’t close your throat as this will create unnecessary tension.  Use the same muscle you use to breath in and out, but hold it in place.  Just pause the in and out motion of air.  Try it now and get the feeling of the tempo.  Practice it several times until it feels natural and easy.

One of the easiest ways to direct Power is to imagine that it is carried by the air you breath.  As you breath in, you are bringing Power into your being, and as you breath out, you are sending Power away from you.  Your thoughts and feelings will condition the Power while it is inside of you.

Using this image, if you imagine that Power is energizing your body while you are breathing in, then Power is being directed to energize your body.  If you imagine that Power is cleansing your mind and emotions while you are breathing out, then Power is being directed to eliminate any tensions and negativity from your mind and emotional nature.  And if you combine the two images, then Power is being directed towards both goals with a phenomenal result!

There are many uses for Power Breathing, but this is perhaps the most useful.  Another use for Power Breathing is for healing.  If you imagine that the air you are breathing in is bringing healing energies to whatever part of you is less than perfect, then you will be directing Power to heal that part of you.  Make sure that you also include the image of any negativity or infection being eliminated from your body as you are breathing out.

It is also possible to “breathe in money” and “breathe out poverty”.  Or you could “breathe in love” and “breathe out loneliness”.  The possibilities are endless!