Money Power

There are many different techniques for attracting money, but let me cover some of the most basic, the things that should be obvious, but many times aren’t.

If you want more money than you have now, the money you want is now in someone else’s possession.  You want that other person (or many other people) to give you their money.  Why should they do that?  In other words, what makes you give someone the money you have?

Obviously, the only reason you give money to another person, especially someone you’re not related to, is because they can do something for you that you value more than the money you have.  Whether it is a product that they can give you possession of, or a service that you would enjoy having, the principle is the same.

Now, turn it around and think about what you can do for other people that they would value more than the money you would be asking for it.  In the online world, the most profitable ventures are those that offer valuable information that cannot be found anywhere else.  That’s one reason that the Keys To Power website has succeeded so well.  I try to give information and service that is worth at least 10 times what I ask for it.

But back to you and your ticket to wealth.  What do people tend to compliment you for?  What do you find so easy to do, or so interesting that you don’t care if you get paid for it or not?  What is the best contribution you can possibly make to the world?  These are questions that will lead you to your most profitable career.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the practical side of the problem, now lets cover how we can use Power to amplify our effectiveness.

Here is a very simple technique that pulled me out of the deepest pits of poverty that I ever experienced (homelessness).  I also use the same technique now, and it works great!  This technique completely eradicates every obstacle in your path to financial freedom!

Get out into a natural environment.  Release all tensions in your mind and body.  Breathe in the joy of Spirit and the infinite abundance of the universe.  Continue with this until you feel as if you own the whole world!

Even though this technique does not address our current situation, that is what gives it it’s true Power.  Many times our lack of prosperity is due to a belief that our situation is hopeless, or too difficult to change.  By releasing it completely, you gain a whole new perspective and can approach solving your financial problems in a new way.