Hypnotic Script to Tap into Power

The following script is the basic essence of what I do in my mind to refocus my energies and to tap into Power whenever I feel unfocused and scattered.

When you are in need of extra Power, making a very strong break is needed, there is no smooth, easy way to simply open the gates of Power.

This script should be read aloud, with as much feeling as you can put into it. You should also try to mentally perform the tasks mentioned in the script, as it is just as much a set of instructions as a guide for focus.

Begin Script to tap into Power

I will take charge of the situation. I burn away all impurities and distractions from my energies. I focus my mind and cut through to the Power within. I AM ALIVE!

Pure, clean Power is the essence of what I am. I breathe in Power and breathe out limitation. I destroy any and all limitations. I reject all limitation as they do not apply to me.

I am focused. I am Power. I grow more and more Powerful with each breath that I take. I am the only Power that exists. Nothing else means anything, nothing else has any Power to oppose me.

I sharpen my mind to a razor sharp edge. My senses grow stronger, able to pick up finer and finer details in the environment around me. I see, hear, and feel everything around me. This is an indication of the growth of my Power. I enjoy the sensations of Power that flow through me now.

I love. I love everything and everyone. My love grows with my Power. Love and Power are one and the same. As I love, my spirit moves out and unites with that which I love. Since I love everything, I have joined with everything. I am no longer separate from the world, I am one with the world. I am one with the Universe. I am one with God. And it is good.

End Script to tap into Power

The biggest thing to do with any script is to imagine that what is being said is what is actually happening. For instance, where it says “I breathe in Power and breathe out limitation” imagine that Power is filling your body with each in-breath, and everything that limits you is being expelled from you with each out-breath.

Most scripts are a sequence of instructions, too. When it says “I sharpen my mind to a razor sharp edge”, you should be adjusting your mental focus to a very tiny beam. Actually, if you imagine your focus as a beam of light, and then imagine that beam of light becoming a laser beam, very tightly focused, that should work well.

Recording the script and listening to it may be good, but what will be even better, especially for this one, is to read it out loud, with feeling. Express Power in your voice, in your body (stand when you say the script), and in your thoughts. The physical cues will act to motivate your inner mind to tap into the Source of all Power, which will help make everything you do more effective.