Hypnotic Script For Reaching Goals

Begin with your favorite induction routine, such as progressive relaxation, counting down, imagining yourself in an ideal place of relaxation, etc.

Continue with …

I wish to focus my mind and direct my pathway into productive channels. This is my intention and by the following process I will accomplish this.

First, I will release myself from everything. All attachments are being dropped and left behind. Nothing concerns me at the moment. I will pick up the right attachments in a little while once I have focused myself correctly.

For now, I will focus my mind on the essence of my being in order to solidify the foundation on which I will build my future.

My natural state of being is happiness and joy. I imagine being washed by a waterfall of joy, and bathed in the sunshine of happiness. I imagine myself in the most joyous and peaceful place that could possibly exist. Everything about this place reminds me of what life is supposed to be like. I will stay in this vision until I feel the greatest amount of joy and happiness that I have ever felt in my life. With this, I know that I have released all attachments and limitations. Life truly is wonderful.

Having released everything, I am free from all limitation. I can do anything that I want to do. I am also free of all disappointments and setbacks. They no longer affect me. I am at peace with myself and with the world. My spirit reaches out to merge with everything around me. I feel as if I want to take the world into myself. I love everything that I see. This is the true nature of my inner spirit and I allow myself to be who I really am.

Acting on this feeling of love within me, and allowing myself to unite with everything in existence, I feel a welcome sense of Power. This Power protects me and guides me to higher levels of wisdom and accomplishment.

With this Power that fills me now, I know that I can accomplish anything I set out to do. This Power allows me to make the future to be different from the past. Past failures are in the past alone, and I will not experience them again. The increased wisdom that has been activated within my mind will be available to me at all times. I will take it with me on my pathway to success. Every time that I repeat this process, I am able to tap into greater and greater depths of Power. This is the nature of practice. With continued practice, my skills improve, as do my results.

And this pathway to success will be a straight and direct pathway. The wisdom that is within me will guide my steps so that every step along the way will bring me closer to my goal. Never will I stray from this pathway. My mind and emotions are guided by the Power that fills me now, and I will not want anything that is not good for me to want. My appetites are healthy. I will only want those things that bring me closer to my goals. All other desires fade away and I have already lost interest in the unhealthy appetites that would lead me into failure.

At this time, I choose to set the pathway that I plan to follow. I open myself even more to the Higher Spirit, which is the Source of Goodness, Joy, Power, Love, and Wisdom. With the fullness of these qualities that are flooding into my being, I am given everything I need to succeed. I am given the wisdom to know the steps that will lead me to success. Even if I’m not consciously aware of this knowledge, it is within me and will guide me when needed.

I am given the healthy desires that will attract me to the things that will help me on my pathway. These desires will manifest as an emotional need to have the things desired. I will be unconsciously pulled in the direction I need to go and to do the things I need to do. I am also given freedom from the unhealthy desires that would cause me to fail. These unhealthy desires and appetites will simply not interest me any longer. They will not have any influence on me or on the choices that I make.

I now have all that I need to succeed. I now imagine my goal, and I contemplate what it would be like to reach that goal. I see myself in the future, having succeeded in reaching this goal. I imagine that this future time is now, that I am now living that future. I have reached my goal, and I feel myself having and being everything that I always wanted. Everyone around me is congratulating me on reaching this goal. They are happy for me, as I am happy for myself. I am enjoying the fruits of my efforts. It was very much worthwhile. I am very glad that I followed the pathway that I was led to follow. My inner wisdom knew what it was doing. This is so wonderful!

The Power that has been flowing through me has now picked up the result that I want. It has already gone out into the world to create this experience for me. There is nothing more I need to do. The Power of Spirit will create the events and experiences I need in order to reach my goal. It will also guide me to do what I need to do, and do it when I need to do it. This will be a pleasant pathway, with only as much effort as the task demands.

I will revisit this process periodically to remind myself of the Power that is working in my behalf. I will also perform this process to strengthen the Power that is working for me, to speed up the process and to increase the effects created.

I refuse to allow myself to doubt what I have done. Doubt would only weaken the process. If I find myself thinking negatively about my goal, or the Power that I have sent out, I will repeat this process to insure my success.

Every time that I repeat this process, I am able to tap into greater and greater depths of Power. This is the nature of practice. With continued practice, my skills improve, as do my results.

This process is complete, and my pathway to success and accomplishment is set. It is wonderful!

End with your preferred method of conclusion, such as counting up, imagining yourself walking up a flight of stairs, etc.