Starting a New Online Business WITHOUT Experience

My last several blog posts have outlined a plan of action that I would take if I suddenly lost everything and had to start all over again, without any of my previous products, subscribers, partners, or other resources.

In other words, in the same position most newbies face when first starting out online.

While this provides the newbies with some idea of WHAT to do, they still don’t have much of any idea HOW to do it.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to learn how to write a successful sales page, or effective email copy, or how to produce a quality product if you’ve never done it before.  It took me several years before I was comfortable writing my own marketing copy.

There are essentially 3 ways to overcome this handicap.  You can do it the hard way by trial and error, trying different things, finding out what doesn’t work, and trying something else until you happen to hit on a combination that DOES work.

A better approach would be to learn from those who have been successful at it.  While you’ll get a hint of this in blog posts and other free content you’ll find online, the BEST information is found in the coaching programs and paid courses offered by the business and marketing experts.  This way, you can pay a reasonable fee to shortcut your learning process.

If you have much more money than time, you can take advantage of a third option, which is to simply pay someone to do it for you.  It’s possible to pay one person to create your products, pay someone else to set up your website, and pay another person to write the marketing copy for you.  If you’re lucky, you can find one person who can do all of this and have just one person to pay.

In the example described in the previous six blog posts, it took nearly a month of full-time effort for me to start a new business from scratch.  And that’s in a market I already know well.

If someone asked me to do this for them, I’d have to charge them a fee that replaces the income I would otherwise make by working on my own projects.  This means a fee of about $5000.

For those without the resources to cover this cost, I strongly recommend Terry Dean’s courses, particularly his Internet Lifestyle System, which may be found at

Some other resources I would recommend include:

Terry Dean’s Autoresponder Alchemy course:

Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook:

Russel Brunson Free Book “Dot Com Secrets“:

Russel’s DotComSecretsX website:

With the education you get from the above resources, you can dramatically improve your skills as a marketer to sell any kind of product, which is the primary skill involved.

For tech help, I’ve found that searching YouTube for the particular thing I need help with will usually lead me to a clear step-by-step tutorial.  If you’re still lost after watching a tutorial video, it’s time to hire this out.  Either find a techie friend in your local area, or submit a job to a website like Fiverr or eLance.  Lots of people willing to work for peanuts, and some of them actually do a good job.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.