Hypnotic Script for Sexual Enjoyment (Women)

Begin with your favorite induction routine, such as progressive relaxation, counting down, imagining yourself in an ideal place of relaxation, etc.

Continue with …

The following statements are true in direct proportion to my acceptance of them. I will focus my mind on each statement as if it were completely true for me, and this will help to make it a more present reality in my life. This is good, and I will thoroughly enjoy the results.

Sex is a fun and enjoyable past-time. I love giving my partner sexual pleasure in whatever form he desires. All forms of sex are good, and there is nothing I need to feel ashamed of. My partner wants me to be free in my expression of sex, and so the opportunity is there for me to be myself. I do not need to pretend to be anything else. My partner accepts me for being me, and that feels good. I also accept my partner for being who he is, because I love everything about him. Anything that he wants during sex is a turn on for me, and gives me pleasure too.

I am relaxed about sex. There is nothing about sex that is wrong or dirty. There is nothing that I need to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Sex is good, and all forms of sexual pleasure are equally appealing to me. There is never a reason to be anxious about what may or may not happen during sex. Whatever happens will be good and pleasurable. Both my partner and I enjoy the satisfaction of the sexual contact, and there are no expectations of what needs to happen. We will enjoy each other in whatever capacity the sexual encounter unfolds. Both of us feel comfortable enough with each other to express our desires about what we want in the encounter. The desires of the moment are what guide each encounter to be unique and fulfilling.

I am able to enjoy all forms of sexual expression. Any time I am in a sexual encounter, I get highly aroused. My senses expand and become more sensitive. My mind and body respond by becoming very responsive to each and every touch, caress, and expression of emotion. I get pleasure from everything that my partner does during sex. From the first moment of the sexual encounter, my body gets pleasure from every touch, whether the touch is exactly what I want or not. I enjoy giving my partner sexual pleasure, and this causes my body to stay responsive for as long as my partner requires to reach orgasm after orgasm. When the time is right for me to reach my orgasm, it comes easily and is very satisfying.

My sexual drive is strong and healthy. I am able to enjoy sex as often as it is available to me. I look forward to each and every sexual encounter with my partner. The physical contact helps to bring us closer to get him emotionally, and is instrumental in building the bonds of love between us. After each sexual encounter, I enjoy the closeness and warmth of my partner next to me. This is a special time for us, and I derive as much pleasure from the closeness and warmth afterwards as I do from the sexual encounter itself.

All of this is good, and each time that I focus on these statements, they become even more true.

End with your preferred method of conclusion, such as counting up, imagining yourself walking up a flight of stairs, etc.