Getting Instant Answers to any Question

If you’re anything like me, you have big plans for the new year.

Partly because you see a HUGE potential for improvement, both in the world in general, and in yourself as well.

And partly because on some level, you know there isn’t enough time to do EVERYTHING you want to do.

I just reached what could be called a crisis moment.

And out of this moment, I found something that can be used as an example for others wanting to do more than they have time to fully accomplish.

Now, this may be obvious to you, and in hindsight, it should have been obvious to me as well.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone.

As you may recall from my previous 2 posts, I’ve been working on developing a new system to help folks tap into their inner Power and use it to improve their lives across the board.

Money, love, relationships, health, peace of mind, adventure, joy, … the works.

I plan for this new system to replace everything I’ve created to date.

Understandably, I’d like this new system to be my best work yet, and comprehensive enough to justify removing all other packages from the website.

And even though over the years I’ve learned some neat tricks to create products quickly, the end of January is just 2 weeks away.

My conscious mind was telling me there just isn’t enough time to get it all done, even if I structure this new package as a 6-week class so I only have to produce the first 2 weeks of material before launching it.

(It should be noted that I’ve been working towards a set of videos and PDF manuals to go along with the core materials, which are a combination of hypnotic sessions, guided meditations, and background subliminals.  A substantial package, to say the least.)

A class format WOULD make it easy for me to add a coaching component to the package, so I can get personally involved with those I’m helping, and that appeals to me.

Another part of my mind reminded me that very few of my customers have ever asked for help, even when it’s been clearly offered, and frankly, even when they paid extra for it.

Whenever I asked why, they told me they just wanted the option, and the materials were so well organized, they didn’t feel they needed the help.

So, while I’m still considering a class format, I haven’t decided to turn this “1 package” (as suggested by my deeper mind) into a full-on class.

At this point, my conscious mind couldn’t see a way to make everything come together nicely.

Time to check in with my deeper mind.

Relax, imagine it’s the first of February, and I’ve just released the new package, and I’m already getting emails from happy folks who are getting positive results right away.

Trust the process will lead me to an answer.

Wait for an answer from my far-wiser deeper mind.

What does it tell me?


“You don’t have to do EVERYTHING, and the package doesn’t have to be perfect right from the start.

“It just has to work.

“Create the main tools now, and when you have more time, add on the extras.”

Hmmmm.  Why didn’t I think of that?

I guess you could say that on some level, I did think of it.  I just couldn’t access it from my waking state of mind.

I needed to go within and allow the answer to present itself.

This is why I’ve been so focused on this process these last couple of years.  It works, and works better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

So, now I’m focusing all of my efforts on creating the best tools I can to help you access the wisdom of your deeper mind, and get it to work WITH you and not AGAINST you, as happens with far too many folks.