Power Tip: If you want more control, you have to TAKE it

Many who study the Law of Attraction, Power of Belief, or any other “mind power” philosophy tend to forget one very important thing:

If you want more control over your life, you must TAKE it.

No one is going to GIVE you control over anything, unless it serves their own goals.

In that case, your goals don’t matter.

While many of us take control by using prayer, affirmations, visualization, NLP, EFT, and other techniques to work with Universal Laws that operate above the physical plane, it’s important to take direct physical action as well.

Why only do half the job, when you’ll get much better results by doing all of it?

You don’t have to do it in a mean way.

In fact, you’ll often get better results when you propose win-win options that help everyone involved.