Hi, I’m Alan Tutt, and I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned to be the MOST POWERFUL method of manifesting whatever you may want in life.

It’s a process I call “Harmonic Prayer”, and it’s VERY different from what most folks believe prayer to be.

Harmonic Prayer consists of 3 simple steps, and while on the surface, these 3 steps may SEEM to be things you do every day, the WAY we do them is what makes them effective.

How effective?

Using this process, I’ve been able to do things that can legitimately be called miracles.

Things like controlling the weather, including stopping a tornado that was coming directly towards my home — on TWO separate occasions! In fact, as a photographer who occasionally photographs an outdoor wedding, I can usually get a thin layer of clouds to help soften the light for beautiful portraits, without having to pose everyone under a shade tree.

Using this Harmonic Prayer process, I’ve manifested significant gifts, including watches, cars, and cash. In fact, a recent manifestation resulted in a gift of about $20,000. By following Divine Guidance resulting from the use of Harmonic Prayer, I’ve also orchestrated business and marketing successes, such as a number of photography jobs that paid $1000 for each hour of photography, several online promotions that did $2500 in 8 hours, which incidentally, only took about a half-hour to set up for all of them, and another online promotion which took all of an hour to set up, yet pulled in $5000 the first day and $15,000 that week. There have been a bunch of others too, but I don’t want to waste your time here.

I’ve also used the Harmonic Prayer process to activate psychic abilities which have helped me know things I couldn’t have known otherwise. We can talk about all this later if you want.

And obviously, I’ve manifested a wide variety of more minor details, such as loving relationships, vibrant health, peace of mind, and a general state of joy and happiness that has become my everyday experience of life. We could be here all day long if I were to attempt to tell you everything I’ve manifested with this process.

Now, if this presentation were given by someone else, they would most likely spend the next 20 minutes telling you their backstory before revealing anything about the process itself. Don’t you just hate that? Wouldn’t you rather have me just get to the point and tell you what these 3 steps are that can produce legitimate miracles?

Yeah, I thought so. Of course, before I do, I have to tell you that the labels we give these 3 steps don’t even begin to cover what’s actually involved, so after I tell you what these 3 steps are, we’ll need to go into a lot more detail about what these labels actually mean.



The 3 steps of Harmonic Prayer may be labeled as Relax, Imagine, and Trust.

On the surface, it seems like things you do every day. But it’s not. Not really.

Now, you obviously spend SOME time relaxing each day, but in Harmonic Prayer, the level of relaxation called for is more like meditation or hypnosis. You’ve really got to go in deep, deeper than most people even know is possible. Essentially, you want to put your body to sleep while your mind remains alert and active.

For most folks, this takes practice. Folks who have a difficult time relaxing, either because of anxiety, fear, or stress may need to spend even more time, perhaps a week or more just learning to relax in this way that makes Harmonic Prayer so completely effective.

Good thing I’m not here to sell you anything, right?

Okay, so if I’m going to be completely honest with you, there are some subtle distinctions to make here. Going into a deep meditation or hypnosis isn’t ALWAYS required. It definitely helps, and it is pretty much a requirement when you’re first starting out. But once you master the process, you can get good results with a simple deep breath.

That’s because once you get to this point, the deep breath acts as a symbol to trigger a whole series of automatic actions which produce a deep level of relaxation without your conscious involvement. And this is just one small example of what can be done with symbols. I’ll talk more about this later.

Once we get to the the imagination step, there are actually a few things we do. The first is to imagine some small indulgence, which produces feelings of pleasure, joy, happiness, and fulfillment. These positive emotions help you to relax even further, and in addition to this, they also bring you into harmonic resonance with the Divine.

And so, these 2 steps together — relaxing and imagining a small indulgence — help you make a strong connection to the Source of All Power, without which no manifestation can possibly happen.

Most folks who try to use prayer, or Law of Attraction techniques, for manifesting fail because they do not make a strong connection to the Source of Power, which I’m calling the Divine. If you’re more comfortable calling this your Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, or even the Zero-Point Field — a term from quantum physics — that’s okay. Use whatever terminology that’s comfortable for you. The point is to connect with a Universal Power which responds to consciousness. What we call that Power isn’t really important.

If you think about it, the most sophisticated computer in the world can’t do a thing unless it’s connected to a source of power, be it an AC outlet or a battery. And if it’s connected to a battery, and that battery is weak or exhausted, it still won’t work until it gets plugged in.

The process of relaxing and imagining a small indulgence serves to plug you in to the ultimate source of Power.

Once you’re plugged in, this is the point of the process where you imagine what you want in rich, vivid detail. And again, this is somewhat different from what we normally do when we daydream or visualize something we would like to have.

When most folks try to visualize something, they see fuzzy images, without a lot of detail. This is why most folks believe that CAN’T visualize, because what they see inside their mind is not at all like what they see in real life with their physical eyes.

As in the relaxation step, you want to go into this with 100% of your being, putting your whole self into the process. As much as you can, you want the imaginary experience to be just as real as the final outcome you want to manifest, complete with sights, sounds, touch, smells, and tastes. Oh, and emotions too. You really want to experience the same feelings you would have in the real experience.

By the way, this is another place where many folks go wrong in trying to manifest things. They see only fuzzy images, so they get only fuzzy results.

Now, I wouldn’t be here today telling you about this Harmonic Prayer process if there wasn’t a way to improve your ability to imagine your desired results in a way that will lead to you getting what you want.

There’s actually a very simple exercise that will work here. The general outline of the exercise is to grab a small object, stare at it long enough to essentially memorize what it looks like, close your eyes and remember what you just saw. And then open and close your eyes until what you see inside your mind is just as clear and vivid as what you see with your physical eyes. Use this same process to improve your imagination of all senses. Feel the surface of the object you’ve been studying, and then imagine the same texture within your mind. Go back and forth between the physical sensations and the mental ones until they match each other. Listen to a piece of music, then imagine the same music playing in your mind. Memorize the taste of some delicious food, and then imagine the next bite inside your mind. Go back and forth until what you imagine is just as satisfying as the real thing.

It doesn’t happen immediately, and you’ll have to spend a little time doing this with multiple objects, but the more you do this, the more you’ll notice improvements in your ability to imagine. You’ll be surprised at how much better your imagination becomes after just a week of practicing a few minutes each day.

Okay, now before I go on to the trust step of this Harmonic Prayer process, I have to say that although I’m suggesting you need to imagine every tiny detail of the experience you want to manifest, that’s not completely accurate. You want as many details as you can, and the more details you can imagine the better, but you don’t need EVERY tiny detail in order for this to work. In other words, if you’re working towards manifesting a new car, you don’t need to imagine the pistons or fuel injectors inside the engine. You just need to imagine the feel of the seat beneath you, the steering wheel in your hand, and the sound of the tires on the road.

As with most things, it just takes practice, and the more practice you get, the easier it is to get great results.

While you are imagining your desired outcome, it can also be helpful to imagine a few other things as well. Such as a flow of Divine Power touching the people and things involved in making your manifestation happen, and guiding them to do whatever is required for you to get what you want.

If you want to bring more money into your life, you could imagine a giant magnet pulling in huge piles of cash, or maybe a freight truck loaded with $100 bills pulling up to your front door, or even a tiny leprechaun or genii following you around and causing everything to go your way.

Obviously, none of this is actually real, but these types of images act as symbols to communicate what you want to your deeper mind, which is in direct contact with the Divine, which in turn controls everything and is responsible for making your manifestations happen.

The specific ideas you focus on in your imagination don’t really matter, as long as you understand that it’s all a symbol for communicating what you want to the Divine. This is why things like tapping on specific parts of your body, sitting inside a pyramid, or chanting phrases in a foreign language can sometimes work to manifest your objectives — because they serve as symbols to communicate what you want to the Divine. As long as you’re relaxed, have a clear focus on what you’re after, and trust the process to produce the desired results, it works.

Get any of these wrong, though, and the manifestation doesn’t happen.

Of course, the most critical part of the process is the final step — trust.  You absolutely MUST trust that the process will work and produce the results you want.

If you really want to get technical here, if your level of trust is strong enough, you really don’t need the other 2 steps. You could simply decide what you want, decide to trust the Divine to give it to you, and go about your merry way.

No relaxation. No imagination. Just pure trust, belief, or if you prefer, faith.

This is why it has been written that if you have enough faith, you could tell a mountain to go throw itself into the sea and it would happen. The problem most of us have is that we don’t yet have that level of faith, so to compensate, we need the relaxation and imagination steps to help us get there.

The reason this works is because through the process of relaxing into a hypnotic state and imagining what we want in rich, vivid detail, we are creating memories which are just as real, just as valid as any other memory, and it is our memories which support our beliefs.

Think about this. If your memory of your childhood contained nothing but positive experiences, you’d be a much more confident person, wouldn’t you?

If you had a memory of being a successful business owner in the past, you would have more persistence to overcome obstacles in your current venture, right?

And if you never had experienced rejection, there would be no reason to hesitate when approaching someone new, would there?

Real quick story here.  In one of my testing sessions with this process, I decided to go back into my childhood memories and change one small memory from kindergarten. It was a time I was playing with a friend on the schoolyard, and I had lost one of his toy cars. In the original memory, I felt so responsible for losing his toy that I spent the next half-hour looking for it in vain, and had carried the weight of that with me my entire life.

In about 5 to 10 minutes, I had rewritten that memory in a way that my friend didn’t care about the toy, we continued to play that afternoon, and the whole experience was positive. As soon as I came out of it, I immediately felt the weight of that experience had dropped off my shoulders, and over the next few days, I could tell that I was responding differently to the people around me. I had become a much more positive person in just those 5 to 10 minutes, and my relationships improved dramatically.

Okay, so let’s recap what we’ve covered so far.

The Harmonic Prayer process involves 3 main steps — relax, imagine, and trust.

You want to relax incredibly deep within yourself, to a point of going into a self-hypnotic trance if you can, disconnecting from the world around you.

Then you want to imagine some small indulgence to help you relax even further and open up to the Divine, after which you focus 100% of your mind on imagining what you want in rich, vivid detail, as if it’s happening to you in the present moment.

And when you’re done, you want to trust the process, to the point where you fully EXPECT to see positive results quickly.

If you can do all that, you’ll be able to manifest anything you want or need.

Now, there are a few tips and tricks I can share with you to help you get the best results you can with this process.

When you go to relax, it can help to think of yourself as slowing down, and becoming a statue, or a loose rag doll. Imagining yourself drifting down, as in riding an escalator, elevator, or walking down stairs can also help. Play around with different ideas and see what works best for you.

And play. Yes, that’s a great way to approach all this, as if it’s a game. Don’t be too serious or try to analyze what you’re doing, because that will just get in the way. The whole thing needs to be loose and free, as a game you play to pass the time. Don’t be too concerned with the final results, because if you do this right, they will be there.

And when you imagine a small indulgence, feel free to really let yourself go. Get into the experience and allow it to overtake you emotionally. The more emotionally involved you can get in the experience, the better.

And when you’re done, the best suggestion I can give you to help you trust the process is to continue as if playing a game, and simply PRETEND that it has worked, and it’s just a matter of time before you see the results in real life.

This is what I did when I manifested the relationship I now have with my wife, Linda. When I came out of my Harmonic Prayer sessions, I would keep a lookout everywhere I went with the idea of “she could be right around the next corner, or in this building right here.” I kept EXPECTING to find my new partner, and in a very short time, I met Linda and INSTANTLY knew she was the one. Of course, she didn’t realize it for several years, but I never lost my faith.

And now we’ve been together for over 20 years, so I think it worked out okay.

I’m doing the same thing now with the PowerBall lottery. It’s taking a bit longer, but I’m still watching to see when my numbers will hit. It’s just a matter of time.

So, that’s about all I have for you right now.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s really just a matter of practicing the steps until you can do them with the depth and detail required to connect with and get a response from the Divine.

If you’d like some help, I have something to offer you, and it won’t cost you a thing today.

It’s a 30-day email course called “30 Days to Divine Power”. Each day, you get a short email giving you something to think about and an assignment, usually taking about 5 to 10 minutes from time to time during your day.

We start with relaxation, and I give you some ideas to help you relax as deeply as you can. By the time you’ve gone through the entire 30-day course, you’ll have gotten plenty of practice relaxing, and this will no longer be an issue for you.

The same is true with developing your skills at imagining what you want in rich, vivid detail. We start early in the 30-day sequence so you get plenty of practice using your imagination in a variety of ways so you become a true master at it.

In fact, by the time we get half-way into the course, your assignments will guide you to manifest Divine Blessings into your life on every level. It’s quite possible that you’ll notice dramatic changes in your life before the 30 days are up.

When you finish the full 30-day course, YOU get to decide what it was worth to you. If you feel it did nothing for you, you don’t owe me a thing. If you feel it was only worth $10 or $20, that’s okay too. Of course, if you feel it was worth $50, $100, or more, I will gladly accept whatever you feel led to pay for the course.

So far, I’ve had about 170 people go through the course, and the response has been incredibly positive. I’ve had one person pay $150 for it, another pay $120, and a third pay $100. Obviously, not everyone contributes at this level, and that’s okay.

If you’re interested in participating in this 30 Days to Divine Power email course, just submit your registration below.  Just make sure to use your best email address so you get every one of the daily assignments.

And when you’re done with the e-course, I’d love to get your feedback, either positive or negative. I’m always looking for ways to improve what I do so I can help more and more people.

For now, I thank you for reading this page, and I give you my blessings for every good thing.

Be blessed, my friend.


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