A Taboo Subject

A topic rarely talked about, yet incredibly important when thinking about reaching for unlimited success is the topic of self-sufficiency.

In fact, the topic is pretty much taboo among those who strive to “think positive.”

Unfortunately, it is their fear of dealing with the subject which keeps them from experiencing unlimited success.

Once again, let me define my terms.

What I mean when I use the word, “self-sufficiency” is the ability to go after the things you want without being held back by depression, anxiety, or dependency.

In other words, to be able to hold your own, without resorting to crutches like drugs, food, sex, or approval.

Let’s face it, if you need the approval of everyone you meet, you just won’t be able to stand up for what you know is right, and certainly won’t be able to negotiate with any power.

And if you need to comfort yourself with excessive food or recreational drugs, then you aren’t powerful enough to attain unlimited success.

(Note – I’m not talking about eating a healthy amount of food for nourishment, or using prescription drugs.)

In life, exceptional rewards go to exceptional people.

I’m a big believer in a person’s right to do what they want when they want it, but only when they are in control of their desires.

If your desires control you, something is wrong.

Now, if you’re still reading, you are either unaffected by this problem, or you are ready to do something about it.

Before we can solve the problem, we must understand what creates it.

While there can be many different causative elements at work, the primary one responsible in the majority of cases is a belief that life is hard and just won’t get any better.

Think about it. If you truly EXPECTED all your problems to suddenly vanish tomorrow and be replaced with your fondest dreams, how depressed (or anxious) would you be?

And if you fully EXPECTED to feel good without the excessive food or recreational drugs, how often would you torture your body with them?

And finally, if you EXPECTED people to accept you for who you really are, how quickly would you bow down and let them walk all over you?

One of the reasons why the medical profession has such a low success rate when treating depression with drugs is because they do not deal with the root cause, which is a firm belief that life is hard and just won’t get any better.

In my own work, I’ve found that helping these folks can be difficult, because their belief that life won’t get any better prevents them from considering options which would change that belief to something more positive.

The response I often get is, “What’s the use of doing that? All that’s going to happen is that I’ll be disappointed again when it doesn’t work.”

The only thing I’ve found that helps them see past their own limiting beliefs is to remind them that what I suggest doesn’t take much time, won’t be nearly as expensive as what the medical profession prescribes, and therefore there’s not much to lose in trying.

As with anything else, you have to make a firm commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to effectively reach unlimited success.

Once you’ve committed yourself to overcoming your depression, anxiety, and dependency, the next step is to map out a plan to change the beliefs which create the feelings.

Once the beliefs have changed, you will no longer feel depressed, anxious, or dependent on the approval of others.

There are 2 main ways to change the beliefs underlying these issues.

The first is to reinforce a set of new beliefs which support self-sufficiency. This is typically done with affirmations like the following:

  • Things are not as bad as I sometimes think they are.
  • In fact, things are really much BETTER than I imagine.
  • Day by day, I find myself feeling better and better.
  • There is an energy and a Power growing within me.
  • The more I recognize my own inner Power, the more I understand that I can accomplish anything I want to do.
  • Every day, in every way, Life gets better and better.
  • I can be happy any time I choose.
  • Life was meant to be fun and enjoyable.
  • Although I enjoy being with other people, I do not need anyone else in my life to be happy.
  • People naturally want to help me. I may accept or reject their help without incurring any obligation.
  • The more independent I feel, the more people will respect my independence.
  • I am not controlled by any outside person or substance.
  • I maintain my self-control and do not overindulge my appetites.
  • I keep my mind and body free from all poisons.
  • I feel a sense of completeness within me.
  • I can be happy just being me.

Other than affirmations, the other main way to change the beliefs involved is to change your experiences. This is often accomplished with visualization.

Spend time daydreaming about living life with enthusiasm, vitality, and peace of mind. Try to incorporate your current surroundings in your daydreams, because this will make them more real, and therefore, more effective.

In fact, the best way to visualize a new set of experiences is to leave your eyes open, and pretend that you see a new reality in the physical space around you.