Month: October 2009

How My Wife Attracts a Continual Flow of Business

My wife, Linda, was instrumental in helping me see more clearly the power of belief at work. She did it through her uncanny ability to attract a continual flow of business without doing a shred of marketing. And she doesn’t spend any significant time meditating, visualizing, affirming, or any of the other traditional methods of using the Law of Attraction. In fact, from an external viewpoint, it doesn’t look like she does ANY of those

How I Broke Through Physical Limitations

Most of us have heard stories about how some little old lady lifted a car when someone she loved was trapped underneath. In all cases, the event was a 1-shot deal and could not be repeated without the surge of adrenaline powering the superhuman feat of strength. Yes, the body is capable of doing a lot more than we normally believe it can. But how do we change what we believe so we can break

How I Attracted the Love of my Life

Money isn’t everything. Although it feels good to earn our way through life and experience the pleasures of riches, the pleasures of being with someone special are also valuable. In fact, I dare say that’s the reason most of us want money and the things it can buy — so we can better enjoy being with those we love and care about. Here’s where the power of belief may be best demonstrated. If you believe

An Affirmation that Got Me out of the Worst Situations

Today I want to share with you a very powerful affirmation which has gotten me out of some rather unpleasant circumstances. According to many who teach affirmations, it’s not a good one, but I can tell you from my own experience — it works! Just to make sure we fully understand each other, I should define what I mean by “affirmation”. An affirmation is a statement which refocuses our mind with the intention of altering

How I Produced ‘Free Money’ with the Power of Belief

With so many people talking ‘recession’, I find the majority of folks need help manifesting greater financial abundance. I hear that jobs are scarce, no-one is hiring. Investment funds have bottomed out and are still shaky. Everyone is saving their money and not buying anything except necessities. Banks don’t want to lend money. On and on and on it goes. So where’s the problem? The real problem comes down to belief. (Saw that one coming,

Why So Many People Fail with the Law of Attraction

The last few years have seen a resurgence of a very old concept, which many today are calling the Law of Attraction, but has also been known by a wide variety of other names. The power of prayer The power of faith The magic of believing Creative visualization Mind power Magic / Magick (different spellings for the same thing) Look at how popular The Secret became. Sometimes it seems everywhere you look, someone is talking