The True Importance Of Gift Giving

Although many people balk at the commercialization that has taken place around Christmas, it is important for us to realize the prosperous results of gift giving.

As much as anyone, I wish that the true meaning of Christmas was advertised as much as the “Incredible Savings – This Week Only” deals of the season.  But even though shopkeepers depend on Christmas gift-giving to generate a profit for the whole year, it is up to us to maintain our focus upon what is truly important.

Before I start, however, I want to mention that the benefits of gift-giving are not limited to only those who follow the Christian faith, nor are they limited to the Christmas season.  In our society, we are much more familiar with the tradition of gift-giving as it applies to the holiday season, but a quick review of other cultures will find other examples.

One of the primary benefits of gift giving is the good feeling you get when you do something good for someone special.  There’s a magical moment when you watch the recipient of the gift unwrap the package and discover the treasure that you’ve wisely chosen for them.  When their eyes widen as they realize what you have done to demonstrate their importance in your life, your spirit responds with a warm glow that builds from the inside out, and you have confirmation that you have created a little more prosperity in the world.

Some people find that they don’t experience this warm glow from their inner spirit.  In fact, some people experience a feeling of loss or impoverishment.  Those people will find that their mental focus is on the cost of the gift and not on the blessings that it has created for the other person.  The attitude in which a gift is given is actually much more important than the gift itself.

“It’s the thought that counts.”

When a gift is given with the proper attitude, there is a scientific cause and effect type of response from the Universe.  Just as a rubber ball thrown against a brick wall will bounce back, a gift given with the proper attitude will cause the Universe to give the giver something of value.

I really like how Wayne Dyer explains this.  In one of his presentations, he explains that the Universe is like an echo.  Whenever we ask “What can I get?”, the Universe asks us the same question.  And whenever we ask “What can I do or give?”, we experience the Universe asking us this same question.

We can also see this as a mirror.  Imagine that you’re standing in front of a large (Universally-sized) mirror.  What you see is a reflection of who you are.  If you give the mirror your best, you will find the mirror reflecting the same attitude back to you, giving you it’s best.  But if you try to hold back from the mirror, you will find the mirror holding back from you.

And so, we find that in giving good gifts to those in our lives, we allow the Universe to give us good gifts also, and this naturally increases our experience of prosperity in our lives.

And while it may be difficult to believe at first, understanding this magical fact will open you to the realization that it’s the truly generous people in this world that experience the greatest prosperity.

Be generous in your spirit, and become prosperous in your life.