How To Increase Psychic Accuracy

One of the faults that I find with many “professional” psychics is this, they are horribly inaccurate!  They say things like “There’s something about the month of May for you, right?” or “I get a name like ‘Dan’ or ‘Dave’ or something with a ‘D’, do you know who that is?” or even “I see a small child around you, this could mean that you are going to have a child, or someone you know is going to have a child, or maybe they already do have a child, or maybe it means that you are going to start a new project.”  Come on now, that could mean anything.  And if it could mean anything, it really means nothing!

One reason that people accept these kinds of statements is that psychic perception has a very vague, mysterious quality about it.  Very few people really know how psychic perceptions work.  This was true about electricity for many years, and may even be true today although everyone I know personally has a good understanding of it.  Another reason many people accept vague psychic readings is simply because they want to believe whatever they want to believe.  For instance, the statement above about the small child.  Someone may secretly be wanting to start a new project, so they will take the statement as confirmation that they should start the project.

There are other reasons that vague, unmeaningful statement end up being accepted.  Personally, I’ve never accepted these kinds of statements, and I don’t see any reason that anyone else should accept them either.  In the Keys To Power, I have tried to enable anyone to increase their psychic accuracy to the point where these kind of excuses aren’t necessary.  There are a few techniques which allow you to increase your accuracy of perception to the point where you can give exact details.

There are actually several exercises and techniques which will do this for you.  First of all, you will need to increase your perceptive abilities on the physical level.  If you can accurately describe a physical object, then you will increase your abilities to accurately describe your perceptions on the psychic level.  This is the first exercise in the Keys To Power Mastery System, which shows how important accurate perceptions are to the system.

You can measure the degree of your physical perceptive ability (and your ability to describe those perceptions) by writing down everything you can about an object.  If you start with a simple object, like a fork or a pencil, you won’t have to fill a whole book describing the object.  With a simple object, you should be able to fill a couple of pages of written notes about it, however.  At least 50 to 100 different details about the object.  A more complex object like a flower, or a piece of fruit, will give you enough details to fill a couple dozen pages minimum!

The next most important aspect of developing accuracy in psychic perceptions is your connection to that level of reality.  The psychic level of reality has several different names depending on what tradition you come from.  Some call it the astral level, others call it the spiritual level, and the term etheric level is also used.  In the Keys To Power, I generally associate the psychic level and the astral level together, but since terminology is irrelevant, you can call it whatever you want.  The important thing is to tap into it and be able to perceive what’s there.

And this can be the tricky part to anyone unfamiliar with such things.  Part of the secret is to have an active imagination.  Have you ever noticed that most psychics are those with highly active imaginations?  True, there are some who don’t seem to fit this category, but not many.  Besides, maybe these psychics are simply keeping their imaginations to themselves.  I know that I’ve had a lot of bad experiences sharing my creativity, and consequently have kept it to myself for the most part.  Unleashing creativity is the focus of the second lesson in the Keys To Power Mastery System.

One of the best ways to expand your creative vision is to simply take two items and try to imagine how one item can become more like the second, or how one can perform the functions of the other without changing shape, or even how the two objects can be combined into a single item.  Spending several sessions working with this kind of exercise will open up your creativity immensely!  Another method of expanding creativity is to do things that would normally be considered backwards or stupid.  This is a technique used by many shamanistic cultures.

Spend a day walking backwards.  Put salt in your coffee and sugar on your food.  Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes.  Say goodbye when meeting someone and hello when leaving.  Lay on the floor with your feet in a chair.  Create your own language and use it for a day, speaking in no other language.  If they don’t cart you off to the funny farm, you’ll gain a new perspective on the world.  To a degree, this was one of the basic messages in the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”, to learn to see life in a new way, refuse to stay in the box, and live the way you want to live.

Now, take this new creative potential and imagine what the psychic level is like.  Pretend that you see ghosts, pretend that you feel the Force, and pretend that you know everything.  The more you pretend that you are perceiving the psychic reality, the more you communicate to your inner mind that you want to become conscious of these sensory channels.  In truth, we all perceive the psychic realities as a matter of course, but we have programmed our inner mind to reject most of the information we get from these perceptions.  Therefore, we must change that programming in order to activate our conscious psychic awareness.

These exercises alone will stimulate your psychic abilities like nothing else will.  And the more open you are to the impressions you receive psychically, the more accurately you will be able to describe what you are perceiving, especially when you’ve practiced accurate descriptions on the physical level.