Creating the Perfect Life

Thoughts create experience.  If you’ve read anything about how to use the Powers of the Mind, you’ve come across this idea.  You’ve probably read that if you want your life to change, you have to think positive thoughts and hold your focus on what you want. This is the basic concept behind all New Thought philosophy, and one of the central themes of the Keys To Power as well.

When I first learned about this principle, it sounded really good to me.  After all, I had been looking for the secrets behind the miracles of the (Christian) Bible.  It also made a lot of sense.  It was my understanding that God created mankind with the ability to dominate the Earth (physical reality), and if this was the case, then where else would this Power be than in the mind?  After all, we have all heard the quotes about faith.  “If you had the faith as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea, and it will be done as you believe.”  There are a lot of quotes like that.

But it seemed as though no matter how much I thought about what I wanted, no matter how much I ‘believed’ that I would get it, or how intensely I focused my mind, it wouldn’t work for me.  Has that happened with your efforts?  I know a lot of people who have had the exact same experience.  They either get nothing for their efforts, or they get the exact opposite of what they were working for.

Now that I’ve learned the secret Keys to Power, I can tell you why this happens.  Imagine that Power flows like water.  This is the Power that God gives you to create your world the way you want it.  Now imagine that Power flowing into you, through your mind, and then out into your world.  As Power is flowing through your mind, it is picking up your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs and your expectations, and a few other things.  This is why your thoughts create your experiences.  Because Power is picking up your thoughts and feelings as it flows from God into your world.

The reason we don’t see this is because it doesn’t happen instantly.  What happens is that all the thoughts and feelings that we send out into the world have to wait until an opportunity to manifest comes up.  So, at any particular point in time, you may have a few thousand thought-forms (the traditional term for thoughts which have been combined with Power) out there waiting to manifest!  And those thought-forms could manifest at any time, depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  How many thoughts have you had in the last week?  How many of them were positive, happy, and full of hope for the future?  How many of them were negative, frustrated, angry, upset, or fearful?  If you’re like most people, you had a mix of positive and negative thoughts and feelings.  And since thoughts direct Power to create our experiences, they will create a mix of positive and negative events in your life, won’t they?

Okay, so let’s consider something else.  You have a mix of different thought-forms out there waiting to manifest.  You spend a few hours today thinking only positive thoughts and creating new positive thought-forms.  Which thought-forms are going to manifest tomorrow?  It could be any that are still out there, positive ones or negative ones, right?  Of course!  And this is why it’s possible to think positive thoughts for a long time and still have negative things happen!  Because the negative events are simply the manifestation of thought-forms you sent out into the world previously.

So how can we use this information?  Since we know that all thoughts we send out into the world will eventually create experiences, and the timing of the manifestation of those thoughts is beyond our control, then all we can do is send out the kinds of thoughts we want to experience and accept whatever happens in the meantime.  If we persist long enough, thinking and feeling only positive things (things we want to experience), then eventually there will be no more negative thoughts left to manifest.  At that point, we will be living a life where nothing could ever go wrong!

But what do we do before that time?  If something goes wrong, or we experience the manifestation of one of our negative thought-forms, then we can realize that we are one step closer to our goal.  There is one less negative thought-form out there to experience.  Look at it this way, if God told you that you would have to kiss a hundred ugly toads, but the last one would make all your dreams come true, would you start kissing toads?  And how would you feel as you were doing it?  You would probably be thinking about all the glorious things that last toad will do for you!

Keep thinking positive, and get through the toads as quickly as possible!